tuesday shoesday: joy. want.

Too late. Don't need, but Want. Desperately.
my ferragamo my joy ballet flats, bloomingdales.com

Soon, back to heels...


tuesday shoesday: finally

reva tumbled leather flats, toryburch.com
Kate Middleton spent less time waiting for William and auditioning wedding dress designers than I spent searching, fitting and finally purchasing new ballerina flats shoes to replace my 4 year old beloved gold Privos.

I wanted plain BLACK leather (but not patent) ballerinas and must have tried on every pair that existed in the GTA and then NYC for the past 12 months. With much pressure from rorygilmore (so embarrassed that I was constantly wearing well worn shoes), I finally settled on the Tory Revas. They may be passe, plain, ubiquitous or uninspired but to me they are perfect and the epitome of 'effortless chic'. (Well, that's what she said.)

Having just watched 'Love Loss and What I Wore', rorygilmore and I laughed when we asked each other 'Is it black or blue?', never questioning that they were anything but black. But I finally read the shoebox, where the colour is clearly marked as tory navy. Maybe tory navy is the new black.

And so the search continues.


my kind of summer blouse...

I'd wear this all summer -- black, silk georgette eyelet, loose fitting -- with white pants, jeans or shorts. Totally worth the pricetag.



the love of your life, part 3...

Recent weddings that made me happy...

Yes, I was obsessed. I woke up at 3:30am, bought fresh flowers, baked scones (!!!), prepared strawberries and fresh cream, served coffee in my fully matched Royal Doulton set...and it was worth it!

And I was equally delighted by this surprising news ....



friday night chick flick: 'Bridesmaids'!

Dear Hollywood,

Thank you for finally realizing that half the world's population are women and we don't want to see a new superhero movie every weekend.

And thank you for making 'Bridesmaids', a true chick flick (an offensive term?) that's more com than rom, focusing on the crazy characters and not the fashion. 

Kristen Wiig's Bridesmaids, also starring the hilarious Sookie Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph and Rose Byrne
We laughed out loud, we cried a little, we were grossed out, and impossibly, we somehow found this guy to be sexier than Jon Hamm.

Chris O'Dowd? Who?!
Btw, LOVED the whole bridal shower set! (You'll know what I mean.)

Thanks for letting me come back on such a happy note,

Tomorrow, weddings!