You would think from all the Jakey pictures that I'm an obsessed fan. I'm really not. But I just watched the trailer for Jakey and Anne Hathaway's upcoming fall movie Love and Other Drugs here. Looks like an adorable romantic comedy, no? Well you can never tell. I hope it's not one of those movies were they show all the good stuff in the trailer.I mean, the trailer for Brothers fooled me into thinking it was about hot love triangle between Jakey, Natalie Portman and Tobey Maguire. The TRAILER was about love triangle, the actual movie was about Tobey's trauma in Afghanistan.

Do you think from Anne's look in film that she's hoping for an Oscar nom? Anyway, expect Anne to be on a number of November/December 2010 magazine covers to promote the film. Jakey on the cover of GQ. That's not all bad. We know how this works.


Recently I've been told by a few people that I'm confident. Huh? I am?! I'm sure I didn't start out that way, or when and how the transformation occurred. But I never hesitate to speak my mind, crack a joke out loud, introduce myself to strangers, and in this case sing karaoke. At a family reunion. Of a family I've just met. They're family. I'm someone's strange aunt by marriage. Still that didn't stop me. See above picture? Binibining Pilipinas, our lovely hostess on the left, is just beginning to pour me my first glass of wine. I'm not even drunk. But I volunteered to sing I Will Survive...and danced in between verses. There were about 50 people in the room who just met me 30 minutes earlier. And trust me, I cannot carry a tune.

 Is it confidence? Fearlessness? Have I recited the Lululemon mantra to myself too often? (You know the one... 'do one thing a day that scares you'.) Shamelessness? Or is one of the gifts of aging that you just stop caring what people think of you? You begin to enjoy the ride, having as much fun along the way as you can....As if noone is watching or listening... I hope so.

Man behind us, covering his face in terror or embarrassment, or just to stifle his laughter, is R.



Why are we always so busy? So busy that we that when asked how we are, more often than not, the answer is 'busy'. We take pride in being busy. I seem to always have so much to do that in order to accomplish these tasks, I must multitask. My to do list doesn't consist of important tasks. But as soon as I log off work, I'm preparing dinner, sorting laundy, cleaning the house, driving one of the kids someplace, and still thinking of work. Is that considered busy? I'm not saving the world or finding the cure for AIDS! So why do I always have the overwhelming feeling that everything I have to do must get done or else?

I loved the book 'Eat Pray Love' because of the fantasy that one could take a year off from their lives and indulge yourself in basically, having nothing to do. It's the modern woman's porn. As much as I loved the book, I am not rushing to see this. It's 2 1/2 hours long. I've got better things to do, and Julia Roberts is no Elizabeth Gilbert (though Javier Bardem is one hot Felipe). I will wait to see this in the comfort of my own couch, indulging in a bowl of pasta tossed with garlic and a nice glass of red wine. Hopefully I won't have a load in the washer, or a report to finish while I'm watching.

How I long for dolce far niente.... the sweetness of doing nothing.



Less than 72 hours before the BIG WEDDING. I need to stay away from carbs, salt, meat, processed stuff, cheese... so naturally I'm craving one of these. Tried and true recipe here. I will resist for now, mostly because I'm far too busy to drive the 1 1/2 kms to get the ingredients. And, the one thing I know about dieting that works is "If you don't buy it, you won't eat it." The next couple of days are devoted to meditation, bikram yoga, detox.

Ha! You must be confusing me with Kathy Freston.



I know I said I'm over Anthro's ruffles, but I kinda love this jacket. Should I get grey or camel? Grey doesn't really do anything for me, and I already have a camel cashmere coat that I scored from Jcrew 2 years ago. Hmm...

I wasn't planning on a shopping post again, but today's news stories darn depressing, like this and this. And those are the stories I wasn't afraid to read (don't you just hate George Clooney's girlfriend's smugness?) The rest of the stories are the signs of the apocalypse: like this and this!!!  I could crawl to the corner, rock back and forth while whispering a novena, OR console myself by looking through a catalogue...



Is it me or has Lea Michele lost a ton of weight since I first became aware of her existence less than a year ago, when Glee began? This is Lea at the Teen Choice Awards, posing like she means business. She can't possibly be comfortable standing like that. ...

So, to others, I'll say "Give the girl a sandwich!". Deep down you know I'm thinking "If I only had the willpower...".

How messed up is that?




Rorygilmore and I have been dying to make these creamy red velvet cakeballs, from the fabulous Bakerella blog. But since THE BIG WEDDING will be in less than 5 days, we won't. Instead, I will be consuming these:

Kavli crackers, crispy garlic flavour, 20 calories each. It's not the low cal count, I just love the flavour, the crispness, the manufactured garlic taste... Not cheap (nearly $4 for 24 crackers!) but truly yummy. Whether I'm watching my weight or not, Kavlis are a staple in my cupboard. Whenever I'm down to 1 box, I go to my local grocer and purchase 4 - 6 boxes at a time. I've accumulated enough grocery store points just from purchasing these crackers that I can redeem the points for a new SLR camera!

Love 'em topped with sliced avocados. I know, avocados are good for you, but they're high fat.




Should I be ashamed to admit I enjoyed Hot Tub Time Machine? And it's not because I've had a slight crush on John Cusack since Say Anything. Sometimes you just need a dumb movie with an 80's soundtrack and a lot of F words (a LOT!) to make you laugh out loud.

I would say: Rent. But who even rents anymore? We don't have Netflix in Canada. Is everyone watching bootleg DVDs?! I'm curious.


Phoebe Philo for Celine spring 2010
I don't think I could wear a leather tshirt, but I LOVE this look from Phoebe Philo's spring 2010 collection. So if you like this shirt (and you're willing to sweat just to be the chicest woman in the room) .. run, don't walk, to H&M. I saw a knock off of this exact top (colour and all) at the Bloor H&M yesterday for $129 CAD.

Last year I was all about ruffles, embellishments, print, colour. I was at Anthro every other week! This year, I want slick, simple, neutral.

That's a sign, people. I'm predicting a trend. You read it here first.



NO! even if they say so here
YES! YES! YES!  Details here and here.

I'm not a 'nails' person. I barely have time to file my nails. And even when I go to yoga regularly I don't get pedicures nearly as much as I really should (maybe b/c of yoga too). My mother has beautiful hands and nails, and does her own mani /pedis to this day. (I can barely see my toenails!)  Her nails are always the perfect length and look professionally polished. This is not a skill she passed to me. I've never had hand/eye coordination, and now I can barely see, so my only hope to get decent looking nails is to go to the salon. Frankly, there are so many other things I would rather do than sit at the nail salon for 1 1/2 hours. At least at the hair salon, I can read or do Sudoku.

Grey nails, trendy as they might be, are not flattering on anyone. You will look goth, and your hands will look dirty.

The nude nails, however, simple and classic. And if like me you have tan/olive complexion... gorgeous!

Trust me on this one.



I didn't expect to say this, but... If you want to see an entertaining movie with the word 'Brothers' in the title, skip this one:
Tobey! Natalie! Jakey! ...meh
and watch this instead:

Have a great weekend!



Kirsten Dunst, you've got self control, girl.

No apologies. Some posts will just be eye candy. If you want news or political op, read The Huffington Post. Wait, this IS from the Huffington Post!


Straw hat for beach vacation.

Preferably this, from here.

Images: Urban Outfitters.


And while white is my color of choice for my home, when it comes it comes to my wardrobe, there's nothing better than black. Black is neutral, black is safe, black is chic, black will never be trendy, but is black always in style.

When I was in Paris 2 summers ago, I was running on the Pont Neuf to the Metro near the Louvre (what a great day that was!), rushing to catch the free fashion show at Printemps. I was stopped twice for directions, once by tourists, and another by a woman who may have been Parisien, probably because I was wearing a slim black dress and black heels even if it was one of the hottest days of the summer. Did they mistake me for a Parisien? Possibly. (Hey, I can see your eye rolls from here.) Would they have mistaken me for one if I was wearing, say, pink? Unlikely. Just saying.

Here are a few black basics I'm hoping to add to my wardrobe in the next few months.

Best of all black is slimming! amen to that.

Images: J. Crew, Gap, Cassis, Alexander Wang



I spend most weekdays alone in an all white room... working virtually for Evil Genius, listening to music, blogging, and sometimes even watching tv. My desk is white, my office chair is white, my tub chair is white, my credenza is white, the carpet is white, the walls are t-shirt white. In other words, white. I login at 8 and don't log off sometimes at midnight or later. White is so stark, so peaceful, so soothing, so... blank.

I could spend my life in this library.

White is just, heavenly.



I've been reading lots of articles lately about blogging. And it turns out, in order to be successful, blogs should really focus on one subject. For example, The Pioneer Woman Cooks is Ree's blog about cooking. If she wants to blog about homeschooling, she has a different blog for that. Go Fug Yourself is a blog about celeb fashion. She doesn't blog about what she ate that day, or what she thinks about the Lost finale. Who knew?

So I need to shift the tone of this blog and stick to one subject.... or in my case, three subjects. I'm constantly multitasking and much too scattered to stick to one subject even in a serious conversation. For example:

He: We need to watch our spending.
Me: I know, I'm sorry. Did you watch 'Grown ups' yet? Salma Hayek looks really hot in it, even I have a girl crush on her. Did you know her husband runs a luxury goods empire and she can probably buy LV and Balenciaga at whim?
He: I know, she looks great. How old is she?
Me: I'm sorry about the spending. Did you register Precious for basketball camp? When will you mow the lawn? What are you wearing to the wedding?

I will now dedicate this blog to three subjects as the alternate title suggests -- EAT PRAY SHOP:
  • EAT = Food. Mostly what I ate or cooked, or what I wish I ate or cooked
  • PRAY = Sometimes about yoga (so it qualifies as pray), or praise about what I'm watching. More likely it will be snarky commentary about unimportant current events. I can't help it.
  • SHOP = I've come to the conclusion that shopping is my true passion, my reason for being and my life's work. Many posts will be dedicated to what is good and what isn't in the way of fashion and home decor, and sometimes, books.
Picture above btw = what I ate. Melona banana bar, 130 calories of such pure yummy creaminess that will make you forget about the 2 pints of Haagen Dazs Dulce de Leche ice cream calling out your name from the freezer in the garage...



I cry easily...Tim Horton's commercials, soap opera weddings, and even office farewell parties. I was surprised to be moved by this picture of Chelsea Clinton's wedding since I haven't been following the events and am not a Democrat. Perhaps it was Bill's expression. He looks so thin, I hope he's well. I'm sure he was  overwhelmed with a combination of pride and grief. Chelsea looks perfectly lovely. Chelsea, I know how you feel hon. At my own wedding, I sobbed uncontrollably walking down the aisle, hyperventilated at the altar, and blubbered through the vows. I'm sure the priest and all the guests thought I was going to either bolt or collapse. But anyway...Love the dress!

Here are a few shows and movies guaranteed to get my tear ducts flowing...Yes, it's list day.

The Lost finale - I was obsessed with this show. And the finale did not disappoint. I was glad to find this picture of Juliet and Sawyer, Jack and Kate, and Desmond!  'See you in the next life, brutha...'
Gilmore Girls series finale. I know, another series finale. But when Rory and Lorelai drive up to Rory's farewell party and all the Stars Hollow residents are there clapping, I bawl every time.  And I've seen this episode at least 10 times. If Stars Hollow was real, my Rorygilmore and I would move there in a heartbeat. We'll be the new Lane and Mrs. Kim!
Endless Love. I've never cried more at a movie before or since. There is no accounting for taste. C'est la vie.  

Running on Empty. River Phoenix received a well deserved Oscar nom for his performance. Do yourself a favour and rent this rarely seen gem. And be prepared for the scene where Christine Lahti meets her dad at a restaurant... And if your heart is made of stone, read this recreation of an Esquire article written shortly after River's death here.

The Friday Night Lights season finale is on this Friday, so you know what that means.

Inexplicably I do not cry at funerals. Huh?



I'm not one to listen when advertisers claim to solve the world's self esteem issues with their products. When I saw this

tagged on a bathing suit at my local department store this afternoon, I rolled my eyes as usual and moved on.

But as you know, my quest for swimwear, ANY swimwear that fits, has now become a critical situation. Despite my cynicism I brought the tagged suit (along with 10 others) to the fitting room. Needless to say, it was discouraging. Every item emphasized not my yoga arms or runner hips, but a protruding tummy and yikes, back fat. ugh! What to do?!  

I gamely tried on the Miraclesuit with no expectations. But then ..the skies parted...the angels chanted ...because lo and behold, the suit's strategic ruching and padding transformed my vertically challenged, muscular yet flabby, Flip physique into that of none other than ...*ta da!* Heather Locklear. That's right, Heather frickin' Locklear.

And that is a miracle indeed. I believe.

PS. Of course Rorygilmore was nowhere in sight, otherwise this story wouldn't have a happy ending.

Images via Miraclesuit