I'm not one to listen when advertisers claim to solve the world's self esteem issues with their products. When I saw this

tagged on a bathing suit at my local department store this afternoon, I rolled my eyes as usual and moved on.

But as you know, my quest for swimwear, ANY swimwear that fits, has now become a critical situation. Despite my cynicism I brought the tagged suit (along with 10 others) to the fitting room. Needless to say, it was discouraging. Every item emphasized not my yoga arms or runner hips, but a protruding tummy and yikes, back fat. ugh! What to do?!  

I gamely tried on the Miraclesuit with no expectations. But then ..the skies parted...the angels chanted ...because lo and behold, the suit's strategic ruching and padding transformed my vertically challenged, muscular yet flabby, Flip physique into that of none other than ...*ta da!* Heather Locklear. That's right, Heather frickin' Locklear.

And that is a miracle indeed. I believe.

PS. Of course Rorygilmore was nowhere in sight, otherwise this story wouldn't have a happy ending.

Images via Miraclesuit

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