I've been reading lots of articles lately about blogging. And it turns out, in order to be successful, blogs should really focus on one subject. For example, The Pioneer Woman Cooks is Ree's blog about cooking. If she wants to blog about homeschooling, she has a different blog for that. Go Fug Yourself is a blog about celeb fashion. She doesn't blog about what she ate that day, or what she thinks about the Lost finale. Who knew?

So I need to shift the tone of this blog and stick to one subject.... or in my case, three subjects. I'm constantly multitasking and much too scattered to stick to one subject even in a serious conversation. For example:

He: We need to watch our spending.
Me: I know, I'm sorry. Did you watch 'Grown ups' yet? Salma Hayek looks really hot in it, even I have a girl crush on her. Did you know her husband runs a luxury goods empire and she can probably buy LV and Balenciaga at whim?
He: I know, she looks great. How old is she?
Me: I'm sorry about the spending. Did you register Precious for basketball camp? When will you mow the lawn? What are you wearing to the wedding?

I will now dedicate this blog to three subjects as the alternate title suggests -- EAT PRAY SHOP:
  • EAT = Food. Mostly what I ate or cooked, or what I wish I ate or cooked
  • PRAY = Sometimes about yoga (so it qualifies as pray), or praise about what I'm watching. More likely it will be snarky commentary about unimportant current events. I can't help it.
  • SHOP = I've come to the conclusion that shopping is my true passion, my reason for being and my life's work. Many posts will be dedicated to what is good and what isn't in the way of fashion and home decor, and sometimes, books.
Picture above btw = what I ate. Melona banana bar, 130 calories of such pure yummy creaminess that will make you forget about the 2 pints of Haagen Dazs Dulce de Leche ice cream calling out your name from the freezer in the garage...

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