Rorygilmore and I have been dying to make these creamy red velvet cakeballs, from the fabulous Bakerella blog. But since THE BIG WEDDING will be in less than 5 days, we won't. Instead, I will be consuming these:

Kavli crackers, crispy garlic flavour, 20 calories each. It's not the low cal count, I just love the flavour, the crispness, the manufactured garlic taste... Not cheap (nearly $4 for 24 crackers!) but truly yummy. Whether I'm watching my weight or not, Kavlis are a staple in my cupboard. Whenever I'm down to 1 box, I go to my local grocer and purchase 4 - 6 boxes at a time. I've accumulated enough grocery store points just from purchasing these crackers that I can redeem the points for a new SLR camera!

Love 'em topped with sliced avocados. I know, avocados are good for you, but they're high fat.


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