You would think from all the Jakey pictures that I'm an obsessed fan. I'm really not. But I just watched the trailer for Jakey and Anne Hathaway's upcoming fall movie Love and Other Drugs here. Looks like an adorable romantic comedy, no? Well you can never tell. I hope it's not one of those movies were they show all the good stuff in the trailer.I mean, the trailer for Brothers fooled me into thinking it was about hot love triangle between Jakey, Natalie Portman and Tobey Maguire. The TRAILER was about love triangle, the actual movie was about Tobey's trauma in Afghanistan.

Do you think from Anne's look in film that she's hoping for an Oscar nom? Anyway, expect Anne to be on a number of November/December 2010 magazine covers to promote the film. Jakey on the cover of GQ. That's not all bad. We know how this works.

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