Recently I've been told by a few people that I'm confident. Huh? I am?! I'm sure I didn't start out that way, or when and how the transformation occurred. But I never hesitate to speak my mind, crack a joke out loud, introduce myself to strangers, and in this case sing karaoke. At a family reunion. Of a family I've just met. They're family. I'm someone's strange aunt by marriage. Still that didn't stop me. See above picture? Binibining Pilipinas, our lovely hostess on the left, is just beginning to pour me my first glass of wine. I'm not even drunk. But I volunteered to sing I Will Survive...and danced in between verses. There were about 50 people in the room who just met me 30 minutes earlier. And trust me, I cannot carry a tune.

 Is it confidence? Fearlessness? Have I recited the Lululemon mantra to myself too often? (You know the one... 'do one thing a day that scares you'.) Shamelessness? Or is one of the gifts of aging that you just stop caring what people think of you? You begin to enjoy the ride, having as much fun along the way as you can....As if noone is watching or listening... I hope so.

Man behind us, covering his face in terror or embarrassment, or just to stifle his laughter, is R.

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  1. ha! love it!!! it's not confidence, it's in our genes.

    a birthright, i think it's called.

    we must go sometime with Kuya A!


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