I cry easily...Tim Horton's commercials, soap opera weddings, and even office farewell parties. I was surprised to be moved by this picture of Chelsea Clinton's wedding since I haven't been following the events and am not a Democrat. Perhaps it was Bill's expression. He looks so thin, I hope he's well. I'm sure he was  overwhelmed with a combination of pride and grief. Chelsea looks perfectly lovely. Chelsea, I know how you feel hon. At my own wedding, I sobbed uncontrollably walking down the aisle, hyperventilated at the altar, and blubbered through the vows. I'm sure the priest and all the guests thought I was going to either bolt or collapse. But anyway...Love the dress!

Here are a few shows and movies guaranteed to get my tear ducts flowing...Yes, it's list day.

The Lost finale - I was obsessed with this show. And the finale did not disappoint. I was glad to find this picture of Juliet and Sawyer, Jack and Kate, and Desmond!  'See you in the next life, brutha...'
Gilmore Girls series finale. I know, another series finale. But when Rory and Lorelai drive up to Rory's farewell party and all the Stars Hollow residents are there clapping, I bawl every time.  And I've seen this episode at least 10 times. If Stars Hollow was real, my Rorygilmore and I would move there in a heartbeat. We'll be the new Lane and Mrs. Kim!
Endless Love. I've never cried more at a movie before or since. There is no accounting for taste. C'est la vie.  

Running on Empty. River Phoenix received a well deserved Oscar nom for his performance. Do yourself a favour and rent this rarely seen gem. And be prepared for the scene where Christine Lahti meets her dad at a restaurant... And if your heart is made of stone, read this recreation of an Esquire article written shortly after River's death here.

The Friday Night Lights season finale is on this Friday, so you know what that means.

Inexplicably I do not cry at funerals. Huh?

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