joe fresh is my new jcrew...

Yesterday, after a particularly gruelling day of Christmas shopping at the Vaughan Mills Disney Store (if this isn't hell on earth, it's pretty close), I was thrilled to find the new Joe Fresh located directly across the hall. Hallelujah!

Example 1
Joe Fresh, you had me at "$69 100% cashmere" sweater.
100% cashmere at $69! Not pictured, but it comes in a variety of colours. So soft! 
Jcrew cashmere sweater, I'm not sure of the cashmere content, but $286. C'mon!
Do the math.

Example 2
Vneck sweaters are a big part of my daily cold weather uniform, usually worn with a tank and leggings or jeans. Let's compare Joe Fresh's vnecks (with 10% cashmere) and Jcrew's offerings, shall we?
Cashmere blend vneck sweater, $19! And you can pick one up at Loblaws at the same time you're buying, say, oyster mushrooms, or Haagen Dazs half-the-fat ice cream... 
Jcrew vneck. I'm not sure if this is 100% cashmere, and I doubt it is. $194! Need I say more?

Example 3
And last but not least, the peacoat. 

You know I've been looking for a classic peacoat for a few months. I ordered Jcrew's majesty peacoat in maraschino cherry (size 4P). I was disappointed in the quality (not thick enough), the fit (too big), and Jcrew's customer service (what do you mean I can't return it to the Yorkdale Jcrew store?) overall.  

Let's take another look at Jcrew's majesty peacoat:
Jcrew majesty peacoat, $298, and just not worth it.
...and what I purchased at Joe Fresh.
Joe Fresh black peacoat, with gold buttons, $99! It's slightly A-line, but I found it far more flattering (size XS) than the majesty peacoat. It was actually $79 when I used the coupon below. Total $90, taxes in.
None other than Carrie Bradshaw herself shops at Joe Fresh. I knew we had the same good taste.
Not that it matters, but when I took the 'Sex and the City' quiz, I'm a Carrie! And SJP and I share the same birthday, so we're style soulmates.


saturday silver screen...movies to see and to skip

Holiday movies make December almost bearable for me. The studios save all their good stuff for the end of the year, in time for Oscar consideration. So after months of almost nothing worth watching, there are suddenly so many great movies to choose from.

I'm lining up for:
Young Adult - by the director and writer of Juno. Getting rave reviews and lots of awards buzz for Charlize.  Also, Patrick Wilson co-stars as the high school boyfriend. Hello, I'm in!
Update: Watched it. Loved it. Totally related to Charlize's character in so many ways. Scary.
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - an unnecessary remake of the excellent Swedish movie, but I'm very curious about this version. Will Craig, Mara, and the rest of the cast be speaking in Swedish accents? How will David Fincher handle the sexual violence? I've heard they changed the ending. What?! Figures.
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - I love a good spy film. With the British accents of Colin Firth and Tom Hardy no less. 
Shame - Fassbender. Enough said.
The Ides of March - Confession: I've seen this and it's so so good.  RG is brilliant and sexy.  Clooney, who directed, looks err old. He's my age. 
The Artist - getting lots of buzz as probable The Best Picture of the year. 
We Bought A Zoo - A new film by Cameron Crowe, whose work I admire. Reviews are saying it's a sappy tearjerker. When did that become a bad thing?!  I'm bringing a big box of tissues. 

On the other hand, you can't pay me to go anywhere near these:
New Years Eve - They lost me at Heigl, Kutcher, Duhamel. Can it possibly be as bad as the trailer? Yes it can,  according to all the reviews. You've been warned.
Sure to be overrated melodramatic political bulls*t.  Team Aniston forever.


the love of your life...old love

I've spent a lot of time thinking about old love lately and stumbled upon this addicting tumblr, which could also be called 'Celebrity Exes'. The pictures are revealing, sweet and sad. Some 'stars' are featured much too often with different partners. (I'm looking at you, Scott Baio, Drew Barrymore, Cher!)

But here are some of my favourite couples:
Warren Beatty and Natalie Wood
Cameron Diaz and Matt Dillon. Both so pretty.
Paul Simon and Carrie Fisher. "Short people, short marriage, " she said.
Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke were such a beautiful couple. I could watch Ethan in 'Before Sunset' everyday and cry every single time. Brilliant movie.
Hugh Grant *sigh* and Elizabeth Hurley, at the premiere of 'Four Weddings and a Funeral'. Her dress got all the attention, for obvious reasons. Nicely played, Hurley.
Debra Winger and Timothy Hutton

James Taylor and Carly Simon. Is he braiding her hair? Could you imagine James Taylor braiding your hair? And probably singing?  I would have put up with the drugs. Maybe. Nah. 
Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder. When they broke up, Winona said she went to the 'dark side' from which she obviously never recovered. I  don't understand's Depp's appeal, but I can relate. 
Liam Neeson and Brooke Shields--what?!
Sadie Frost and Jude Law. Damn you, Sienna Miller, for breaking up this beautiful couple. 
Edward Norton and Salma Hayek. I'm sure when Salma goes to Balenciaga, LV or Gucci and just points to the handbag of her choice, she doesn't ever think of Ed Norton. Would you?
Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Is it too late? 
Martha Plimpton and River Phoenix. Please just watch 'Running on Empty'.  *sob*
Joaquin Phoenix and Liv Tyler
And last but not least, perhaps my favourite on and offscreen couple of all time:
Diane Keaton and Woody Allen.
It's not surprising that most of my favourite 'lovers' pics were captured at their prime--full of promise, youth, and beauty. Isn't that how we see ourselves when we think of old love?


ultimate wednesday wish...cartier LOVE

If money were no object, I'd love some pieces from Cartier's LOVE collection, in pink gold please.

If I can only have one piece, I'll take the ring!

I hope Santa (or my millionaire future next husband) reads this blog.


tuesday shoesday...big red bow

This is about as festive as my Christmas outfit will get: a red sleeveless blouse, skinny jeans and red pointy flats. Or maybe I'll get the pumps; I could use the additional 4 1/4 inches. 

jcrew viv flats
jcrew viv pumps


monday musical...Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered

If life was a musical, I'd sing just like Ella, and the words and music would be by Cole Porter...

These words! "vexed again, perplexed again...romance finis, your chance finis" *sigh*


saturday silver screen: Love Story...

When there's too much on my plate or when I have nothing to do, I just want to sit in my comfy chair, sip vegan hot cocoa, watch a sad movie and cry.

I'm sure you're familiar with Love Story: Rich boy meets poor girl, they fall in love, girls gets fatal illness but maintains perfect glowing skin and lustrous hair.

These trailers already make me teary.

Ryan O'Neal and Ali MacGraw were never better; Love Story was the highlight of their careers.  The premise is simple but the dialogue is witty, acting superb, and the soundtrack...haunting.

And Ali's preppy 1970s wardrobe would still be perfect today.

When I wear my camel trenchcoat, I turn the collar up as a tribute to Ali/Jenny. (I really have to be reminded that my life is not a movie...)

jcrew boulevard trench


whatever happened to manly men?...

Recently Cousin K and I attended a day long workshop on HTML. The instructor was a young man in his late 20s or early 30s, clearly straight, an expert on the subject, and obviously intelligent. (Okay, so it's difficult to get excited about code. Code is the new Latin, I say.) It's more difficult to be engaged when the leader speaks in a high-pitched voice, each sentence sounds like a question, stands hunched over with hands in pocket, dressed in plaid shirt and jeans. If only he were the exception--but all the men/boys (mentors or instructors to a large group of women) dressed, stood, and sounded just like him. In fact, it was the two women who organized the event who stood proudly and spoke clearly. They exuded more confidence than all these men put together. 

Is this the new generation? What happened to manly men? And by manly, I mean confident, assertive, proud, strong, stands up straight, and speaks in a deep voice. Seriously, is being 'manly' out of fashion? 
NO. Tell me this is NOT the new generation of men.
How does courtship work in this age of smartphones and social media anyway? Have the roles reversed, or are they shared? How would these young men ask these confident young women out on a date? Or are women doing the asking? I feel sorry for both genders. Am I so old that I think that both men and women should be confident, but men should do most of the asking? 

I remember, way back in the day, a guy would need to get a girl's phone number to ask her out. (Again, back in the day when you shared one phone land line with everyone in your household. Pre-historic times.) This guy, whom I barely knew or spoken to, just straight up handed me a pen and a piece of paper at the end of a party. In a crowded room, in front of a group our mutual friends.

He, clear voice, big smile: Write down your phone number.
She, surprised: What?! Why?
He: So I can call you tomorrow.
She, laughing, writing down number: Um, okay...
He, still smiling: That better be the right number.

THAT is how it's done! Strong and confident is refreshing in a room full of shy and dull. It didn't hurt that he was tall, dark and handsome. Two weeks later we were on a date. With my brother and sister in tow, but still. 
YES. Be a 'manly' man.
Lesson to Guys/Boys: Be smart. Don't be shy about what you want. Make your intentions clear. Take charge. Stand up straight. Deepen your voice. Oh, if at all possible, wear a suit. 

Be a man. 


a gifted man, part 1...

Gosh, the last few months have been busy and exciting. My life has changed dramatically (more on that later) for the better. So my weekly tv viewing is now limited to only the very best shows--Parenthood, Modern Family, Glee. Add to that short list is the best new drama of the season: A Gifted Man

The basic premise of A Gifted Man is both odd and familiar. A brilliant-but-arrogant neurosurgeon, Dr. Michael Holt (Patrick Wilson), is surprised by the reappearance of his ex-wife Anna (Jennifer Ehle) into his controlled life. His surprise turns to shock when it turns out that Anna, the love of his life *sigh* is, in fact,  a ghost. It's a moving medical show with a twist. 

Who am I kidding? The real reason I love the show: Patrick Wilson. I'd watch him in a reality show about accountants. Still, A Gifted Man is the perfect title because Wilson is truly gifted; he's a multi-talented Tony and Emmy nominated actor, dancer, and singer. And you know, he's not bad to look at...  

I LOVE his voice.     

Patrick Wilson sings 'The Street Where You Live' from My Fair Lady.
I've watched this clip umm, a few hundred times. 

In the perfect world, I'd wake up to Patrick singing 'Oh What A Beautiful Morning' while he brings me my almond milk coffee and half grapefruit. Ok, breakfast is optional. Ha!

My favourite Gap commercial for obvious reasons. 
Claire Danes' best work since "My So Called Life".

Rumour has it he sang Journey's 'Open Arms' to his wife at their wedding. Can you imagine?! 


do you find me attractive?...sexiest man alive prediction 2011

Tomorrow People magazine is unveiling their annual Sexiest Man Alive. I don't have the energy to post detailed list this year, though I must remind you that I correctly predicted last year's SMA. The title didn't bring Ryan Reynolds much luck in his career and personal life, but it looks like he's rebounding over that fiasco quite nicely now.

To me, the 2011 Sexiest Man Alive for 2011 can really only be:

Come on! If People names someone else, it would only be because RG turned it down, don't you think?

And if you haven't seen 'Crazy Stupid Love', what are you waiting for?


and all is right in the world...Billy Crystal will host Oscars®

Remember when Billy Crystal arrived at last year's Oscar stage and received a standing ovation? Those people were BEGGING him to come back and take over from James Franco. Now finally the stars have aligned and all is right in the world.

sweet talking...

In my next life I'm gonna be sweeter.


i'm not on a break!

I hope you enjoyed the original music video for Blondie's 'Call Me'. Isn't it strange how you don't hear a song for years, possibly decades, and suddenly you hear it on the radio 5 times in 3 days? I think the universe is speaking to me. Universe: Who am I supposed to call?

Also, I'm not on a break. I'm just trying to figure out how to post pictures using this new macbook. It's a huge difference from my employer-issued laptop. Regular posting to resume shortly.


new releases...imovie? ibook?

I've got to buy these recent new releases and it's time I switched from paper to ibooks, and dvds to imovies. If I do, can I watch and read on our ipad, macbook, kindle, AppleTV? And, can you share these things electronically? Seriously, I could use your advice.

Ah, Ryan. You're hilarious.
Crazy, Stupid, Love was my favourite movie of 2011
Mindy Kaling's book.


congratulations sookie!

Melissa McCarthy deserves the recognition she's getting for Bridesmaids and Mike and Molly--Emmy Best Actress, and a possible *gulp* (I won't say it, in case it jinxes her chances). But she'll always be Gilmore Girls' Sookie to me.

You have to be a GG fan. image via oy-with-the-poodles-already.tumblr.com