saturday silver screen...movies to see and to skip

Holiday movies make December almost bearable for me. The studios save all their good stuff for the end of the year, in time for Oscar consideration. So after months of almost nothing worth watching, there are suddenly so many great movies to choose from.

I'm lining up for:
Young Adult - by the director and writer of Juno. Getting rave reviews and lots of awards buzz for Charlize.  Also, Patrick Wilson co-stars as the high school boyfriend. Hello, I'm in!
Update: Watched it. Loved it. Totally related to Charlize's character in so many ways. Scary.
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - an unnecessary remake of the excellent Swedish movie, but I'm very curious about this version. Will Craig, Mara, and the rest of the cast be speaking in Swedish accents? How will David Fincher handle the sexual violence? I've heard they changed the ending. What?! Figures.
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - I love a good spy film. With the British accents of Colin Firth and Tom Hardy no less. 
Shame - Fassbender. Enough said.
The Ides of March - Confession: I've seen this and it's so so good.  RG is brilliant and sexy.  Clooney, who directed, looks err old. He's my age. 
The Artist - getting lots of buzz as probable The Best Picture of the year. 
We Bought A Zoo - A new film by Cameron Crowe, whose work I admire. Reviews are saying it's a sappy tearjerker. When did that become a bad thing?!  I'm bringing a big box of tissues. 

On the other hand, you can't pay me to go anywhere near these:
New Years Eve - They lost me at Heigl, Kutcher, Duhamel. Can it possibly be as bad as the trailer? Yes it can,  according to all the reviews. You've been warned.
Sure to be overrated melodramatic political bulls*t.  Team Aniston forever.

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