THAT Kind of Girl

Rorygilmore and I were lucky enough to have met the brilliant, funny, and utterly original Lena Dunham when she was in Toronto in advance of her book tour. Reading "Not That Kind of Girl" has inspired me to write a book, and not just because she thinks I'm pretty. After all, if a 28 year old has a voice, shouldn't a 50-something have something to say?

Expect MY memoirs to include, in no specific order:
  • I turned 50. And not all that recently.
  • Movies - my all time favourite list. 
  • For God's sake, don't waste your money on a wedding.
  • About self esteem.
  • My *gulp* love life - a very long list of crushes (boys I've actually met and imagined relationships with tv and movie stars), boys I dated, almost-boyfriends, boyfriends, relationships, The Soul Mate. The list will not include TheHusband, who deserves his own chapter.
  • From my office window, I watched my neighbours' marriage disintegrate.
  • When I was 17 my mother read my diary.
  • If my life was a movie, these songs would be on the soundtrack.
  • Motherhood, how I suck at it, but I could be a really cool best friend to my kids.
  • I don't even know how TheHusband puts up with me. On the other hand, he's so lucky to have me.
  • TV shows that changed my life.
  • My career, or lack thereof. 
  • Carbs really are the enemy, and other things I wish I knew when I was growing up.
  • What I wore.
I won't use the f* word as freely as Lena does, but the very fact that I can't even type the word here likely means that I won't. Hopefully my voice will be something between Lena's, and our shared idol, the late, great Nora Ephron, but with a Filipino Canadian accent.


The Best Things In Life ARE Free

It took an episode of one of my favourite shows to remind me of this. Such a delightful and surprising scene from Mad Men's mid season finale.

I'll be singing this tune whenever life's worries burden me.



I had no idea...

...that Longchamp offered personalization for the LePliage. When did this happen? I feel truly ashamed that I was not aware of this development.
Personalized Longchamp LePliage Nylon Tote
Personalization is offered for both the nylon and leather models. While I would prefer the LeCuir, Longchamp only offers this model with short handles. And of course, it is more than double the price of the nylon bag. It's practical, classic, and cute.

Available here. I just may have to add to my collection.


my work bag

This is my 'work bag'. It's perfect -- red, It, and big enough to hold everything I need and more:

  • 3 different sizes of zippered cases containing 1) the largest for makeup; 2) the medium for feminine stuff; 3) smallest for iPhone and mophie cables and chargers;
  • case for sunglasses (from C Wonder - big, black, and very cat eye);
  • reading glasses case (from Kate Spade - pink, smallish, and cat eye), for the 2.00 reading glasses I need to wear in addition to my bi-focal contacts; 
  • iphone wristlet (Tory Burch black ), for cards, cash, iPhone -- the only thing I carry with me if I'm picking up coffee or groceries or whatever;
  • a red file folder mysteriously labeled 'Personal' which means bills and other stuff I've been meaning to deal with and will get to later;
  • scarf.
During the work week, I'll carry my pink Starbucks thermos with almond milk coffee from home, and the day's supply of food for work. While it's inconvenient that my office doesn't have a coffee place or any decent places for lunch in the building, I don't mind brown bagging it. In addition to my trusty thermos, I'll sometimes have fruit, and a glass container with protein and veggies for lunch. 

And there's still plenty of room for my Macbook… and shoes!



Lately I've been into navy -- schoolboy blazers with gold buttons, the darkest blue jeans, tuxedo blazers, nautical striped shirts, sheaths, cashmere boyfriend sweaters topped with skinny ankle pants. We just can't go wrong with navy.

And these are THE perfect pair of shoes that goes with all of the above.

Valentino rockstuds in dark blue leather. And believe it or not, a 2 1/2" heel is the perfect height both for work and dancing. Amaaaaayzing!


Mind over mattress

Sunday morning before 9am, and I'm sitting at my local Starbucks…

Before Toronto's tragically long and frigid winter arrived early last November and stayed for half a year --I was still wearing my furry high heeled Uggs boots and my cashmere toque last week--my Sunday mornings were spent at this very Starbucks sipping a tall cup of dark roast, reading the NY Times (and later taking off with the book review and Style sections). But then winter hit and much of my Sundays were spent in bed. Not even the NYT Style section or CBS Sunday morning could lure me out of bed by 9am. That's why we have PVR, and the NYT online, I reasoned. Let's not even talk about weekdays, when although I set my alarm for 5:30am, I'd still roll out of bed at 7am.

But that's all in the past.

Now that winter has finally left (so long, hope to see you never), I've decided to start fresh with new habits that will make me a better, more productive and successful person. Yes, I've been reading Robin Sharma.

First off, I have decided to win the battle of 'mind over mattress' and wake up at 5am on weekdays. You see, I've been working REALLY long hours at my new job (which I love, but more on that later), and 10 or 12 hour days are pretty normal. Now if I arrive at 7 am, working a 10 hour day still means I get to leave at 5pm.  And NO, it is NOT possible for me to get to work any earlier than 7, as waking up before dawn cracks causes me to move in SLOOOOOOOW motion, and it takes me a full 90 minutes to get my ass out of the house and in my car even if if I don't wash my hair.

It takes 66 days to form a habit, says RobinSharma (who will always be referred to as RobinSharma, never just Robin, or Sharma, or Mr Sharma), and my new habit is 8 days old.

Youtube wouldn't let me post RobinSharma's video on "How to Wake Up Early", but you'll find it here.

I love having the extra hours in the day; I highly recommend it.

Next up: getting back in the HOT room.


coveting…mark & graham

My mom instilled in me a love of monograms, specifically my first initial M, before monograms were trendy.

In the 1960s when ladies wore makeup and dressed everyday as if they were going to a cocktail party, my glamorous mother seemed to wear her signature 'M' ring and pin daily. (She also had a full head of thick hair, but suffered through the tropical heat of the Philippines wearing a 'sassy' wig so she could look like Eva Gabor...but that's another story.) As daughters do, I claimed that ring and pin as soon as I could, before my sister (whose first initial is most definitely not M, but that wouldn't stop her) could. Since then I've been collecting all things big and small that are marked with M.

I gasped when I discovered the ultimate online boutique for the monogram obsessed, Mark and Graham. The site is blissfully full of so many beautiful personalized goodies, and if their Canadian prices and shipping fees were a little bit more affordable, I'd buy everything they sell.

Here at Desire to Acquire headquarters (aka just my scattered brain), where my love of monograms and handbags has been documented for eternity, I am forever looking for the ultimate combination of leather bags and monograms.

This beauty, Mark and Graham's Elisabetta  -- with its soft Italian leather, metal feet, pockets for my iPhone,  the perfect size for little old me -- is the latest object of my desire.
Isn't it lovely?


i'm back!

I've been encouraged to resurrect the blog. And frankly, I've missed it so much.

Stay tuned for a new improved 'desire to acquire'.