Mind over mattress

Sunday morning before 9am, and I'm sitting at my local Starbucks…

Before Toronto's tragically long and frigid winter arrived early last November and stayed for half a year --I was still wearing my furry high heeled Uggs boots and my cashmere toque last week--my Sunday mornings were spent at this very Starbucks sipping a tall cup of dark roast, reading the NY Times (and later taking off with the book review and Style sections). But then winter hit and much of my Sundays were spent in bed. Not even the NYT Style section or CBS Sunday morning could lure me out of bed by 9am. That's why we have PVR, and the NYT online, I reasoned. Let's not even talk about weekdays, when although I set my alarm for 5:30am, I'd still roll out of bed at 7am.

But that's all in the past.

Now that winter has finally left (so long, hope to see you never), I've decided to start fresh with new habits that will make me a better, more productive and successful person. Yes, I've been reading Robin Sharma.

First off, I have decided to win the battle of 'mind over mattress' and wake up at 5am on weekdays. You see, I've been working REALLY long hours at my new job (which I love, but more on that later), and 10 or 12 hour days are pretty normal. Now if I arrive at 7 am, working a 10 hour day still means I get to leave at 5pm.  And NO, it is NOT possible for me to get to work any earlier than 7, as waking up before dawn cracks causes me to move in SLOOOOOOOW motion, and it takes me a full 90 minutes to get my ass out of the house and in my car even if if I don't wash my hair.

It takes 66 days to form a habit, says RobinSharma (who will always be referred to as RobinSharma, never just Robin, or Sharma, or Mr Sharma), and my new habit is 8 days old.

Youtube wouldn't let me post RobinSharma's video on "How to Wake Up Early", but you'll find it here.

I love having the extra hours in the day; I highly recommend it.

Next up: getting back in the HOT room.

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