Oscar night! live blog

It's Oscar night, otherwise known as the holiday that's BETTER than Christmas at my house. I somehow convinced my kids years ago that Oscars deserve a party, and mommy can't cook or do anything today, and they completely fell for it. This year I've prepared for this special day by sleeping in, skipping yoga, eating leftover strawberry shortcake, and watching Susan Hayward overact on I'll Cry Tomorrow.

On tonight's menu: sweet potato fries, chicken wings, pesto pizza, grilled vegetable pizza, chopped salad, red wine to relax me, coffee to stay awake. Right now I'm sitting by the fireplace, watching the Oscars preshow on E! station. It's gonna be a long night.

My Oscar picks
Best Supporting Actress. Who should win, who will win: Melissa Leo, who would be so deserving for The Fighter, and an impressive career as a character actress. Who I want to win: Either Leo or Hailee Steinfeld (who is half Filipino, yay!)for her impressive film debut in  True Grit.

Best Supporting Actor Who deserves to win, who I want to win, who will win: Hands down, Christian Bale for The Fighter. The others don't even come close. Second choice: Mark Ruffalo, for being on the planet and all around sexy, not necessarily for The Kids Are All Right.

Best Actress Who deserves to win, who will win: Natalie Portman for Black Swan. Who I want to win: Annette Bening, because it's time.

Best Actor Who deserves to win, who will win: Colin Firth, by a long shot. Who I want to win: Leonard diCaprio for both Shutter Island and Inception, but he wasn't even nominated.

Best Picture What deserves to win, what I want to win: The Social Network. What will win: The King's Speech, which was disappointing despite the great performances.

On the red carpet: 
6:05... Jennifer Lawrence, a Best Actress nominee for Winter's Bone. Following my admiration of Emma Stone's Golden Globes gown, I adore Lawrence's simple Calvin Klein Collection red gown. She's only 20 years old!

6:14... Mila Kunis just arrived with serious attitude, chewing gum, and a delicious lavender Elie Saab, with a very interesting low neckline. She pulls it off.

6:15... Armie Hammer and his wife.
6:24... Hailee Steinfeld, showing more grace and poise than most 14 year olds (or 50 year olds), in an adorable age-appropriate Marchesa that she helped design.
6:29...Why is Mandy Moore at the Oscars? Regardless, she's so pretty but her gown reminds me of Cameron Diaz' 2010 gown.
6:38.. Hmm, I'm not a fan of Michelle William's pale grey Chanel gown, but I love her makeup especially the nude lips. I've tried the nude lips look and I look, well, like I need to put some lipstick on.

6:40... Amy Adams, admitting she's nervous. I found her The Fighter character very annoying, as in most of her work, but I like the navy sequin L'Wren Scott gown.
6:50... Mark Ruffalo, talking about how his wife convinced him to accept the role that finally nabbed him an Oscar nom. The wife is wearing something strange, but who's looking at her? *sigh*
6:54... I LOVE Jennifer Hudson's tangerine gown. She must be so excited with all the clothing options her new body allows. Like Christmas every day!
6:55... What the heck is Cate Blanchette wearing? I love her haircut.

7:03... Scarjo's gown is disappointing. I love the colour, but if I had her figure, I'd seriously flaunt it, in a tasteful way of course. Scarjo, honey, someday you'll be 50 and you'd wish you could turn the clock back to when gravity was your friend. A little cleavage wouldn't hurt.

7:10... Sharon Stone, who shows the 20 year olds on the carpet what glamour is all about. STUNNING!
7:11... Seacrest wasting a LOT of time on Justin Timberlake, who brought his mom as his date, if anyone's interested.
7:19... Helena Bonham Carter looks so pretty tonight. I admire her true to herself style. It would be more shocking if she wore Calvin Klein.
7:20... Damn, Helen Mirren is the definition of regal.
7:30... Penelope Cruz has arrived. Yes, her baby is all of a month old and she's almost back to to pre-baby bod. Scarjo, note the cleavage. Oh, and Penelope's with Javier. I hope he was well paid for Eat Pray Love, because that was the worst movie last year IMO. As I understand it, Julia Roberts had a big part in helping Javier get this year's Best Actor nomination. Probably to make up for that boring waste of time. Can anyone honestly say they enjoyed Eat Pray Love?

7:32... Halle Berry, in the umpteenth nude gown of the evening. Also in Marchesa. zzz
7:36... Here's GOOP in metallic Calvin Klein. My irrational hate continues and suddenly i'm not so enamored of CK. Fashionistas will love it; I don't.
7:40... Reese Witherspoon will forever only be Elle Woods to me. Must be the ponytail.
7:41... Awwwww. Sandra Bullock in red Vera Wang, adorable as always, with simple hair and jewelry.
7:50... Natalie Portman, looking gorgeous and glowy for someone who must be about 7 months pregnant. When I was with child, I was so swollen I could barely put shoes on. Movies stars aren't human.

Fashion notes:
Red seems to be the colour of the night,
harper's bazaar
followed by shimmery neutrals,
harper's bazaar
 and various shades of purple. *yawn*
harper's bazaar
All in all, nothing too exciting on the red carpet this year. Mila Kunis has my vote for best dressed, because its different and slightly unexpected.

I'm not looking forward to tonight's hosts, James Franco and Anne Hathaway. Actually, I don't mind Anne. But James Franco has never been anything but dull or weird on any talk show I've ever seen him on. I hope they prove me wrong. I remember being excited by Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin last year, but they were lame.

8:30 and the show begins... Enjoying the opening montage so far, especially Anne as the brown duck. Not their opening jokes (?) which reminds me of a not particulary good SNL opening.

8:44 ... here's Tom Hanks! couldn't they get him to host? He'd be so much better than Franco. And, Alice in Wonderland wins Cinematography. Cue to Tim Burton, and HBC. And Inception wins something... yay!

8:55... Kirk Douglas (I won't comment out of respect for the aged, but this is awkward) presents Best Supporting Actress to... OMG when will he announce the winner, ever? And finally, Melissa Leo wins! awww.... anything to get Kirk Douglas off stage at this point.  Melissa Leo looks genuinely shocked, but she IS an actress after all. And she drops the f* bomb right there. C'mon, you don't have a speech? You've been the frontrunner since the race began! She's a little crazy, right? But at least she's not boring.

9:02...Why does Franco look terrified, or angry? Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake presenting Best Animated. Toy Story 3 predictably wins Best Animated Feature. Are we going to the boring technical awards now? I need a break already.

9:14... Why are Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem dressed identically, with white tuxes and really big heads? And Adapted Screenplay goes to ... Aaron Sorkin for The Social Network and immediately mentions Paddy Chayefsky, comparing himself to greatness.  Jesse Eisenberg gets to sit in the front row. Sorkin never comes off as humble, does he? King's Speech wins original screenplay, and this old guy is charming and funny.

9:26...Anne Hathaway can sing. I'm not sure what this is about, but she's great. She would have been so much better than Emmy Rossum in The Phantom of the Opera opposite my boyfriend Patrick Wilson. WHY is Russell Brand at the Oscars?

9:31... Reese Witherspoon presents Best Supporting Oscar to Christian Bale for The Fighter!!!! It's surprising when he gets to speak in his usual accent, since he totally transforms himself into his movie characters that you don't know how the real Christian Bale actually speaks or acts. Unlike say, Mark Wahlberg, who pretty much sounds and acts exactly like himself in all his movies. Oh sorry, Mark Ruffalo, but if you need a shoulder to cry on, call me.
This year's Best winner!

9:45... Original score award deservedly goes to The Social Network and to some dude with an Asian trophy wife. Just saying...

9:47... Franco is awkward and you think so too. Inception wins again, but Matthew Mcconnaughey and Scarjo can't present properly. And then Inception wins again for sound editing and the winner rightly thanks director Christopher Nolan who wasn't nominated.

9:57... only Cate Blanchett, with her luminous skin and perfect body, could get away with a cut-out dress.

10:00... Alice In Wonderland predictably wins Costume Award, which means cue to Helena and Tim Burton. Did you know that although Tim and Helena have 2 children together, they don't live in the same house? They are next door neighbours! So they co-parent, obviously have 'benefits', live really conveniently nearby, but not under the same roof? Now, isn't that the best living arrangement ever?

10:04... Kevin Spacey sings Top Hat, which could be the highlight of the Best Original song performances. Break time for me. Hey, how many Oscars does Randy Newman have? Do you actually remember any of Newman's songs besides "You've Got A Friend In Me"?

10:13...Jakey! and the very lucky (an Oscar nom 3 times already, though she's never won) Amy Adams, presenting the Documentary awards.

10:18... James Franco reminds everyone that he went to film school, so annoying. Where's Steve Martin already? But I'm enjoying Anne Hathaway. And here's Oprah!!! Her boobs look enormous in this dress. Oprah is talking about documentaries and the Coen brothers can't seem to stay awake. Inside Job, the winner, is the one documentary I find interesting and look forward to seeing soon, I hope, on the Documentary channel.

10:28... Billy Crystal, the BEST Oscar host EVER gets a standing ovation because clearly the audience wants him to host NOW! He quickly reminds everyone that he should host every Oscar show while he's still alive. Because Bob Hope is long gone. Inception wins another technical award.

10:44...my goodness, this tune by Florence and The Machine is nominated for Best Song? This is a song? I'm so sorry I dissed you, Randy Newman. I almost wish Christina Aguilera and Cher were nominated for Burlesque. And now, GOOP. Time to get strawberry shortcake. Why is GOOP singing all the time now?  I do love this golden gown she's wearing. I'd wear that.  What did I tell ya? Randy Newman wins, again! Jennifer Hudson, did I tell you how fabulous you look?

11:04... Kathryn Bigelow, last year's winner, who is really tall, presents Best Director to... Tom Hooper of King's Speech. Wow, I'm actually surprised. Looks like The King's Speech will win Best Picture, unfortunately.

11:13... Well past my bedtime and finally Jeff Bridges is here to present Best Actress to...Natalie Portman! Sorry, Annette, but Natalie's portrayal of Nina was truly haunting and unforgettable. She's thanking EVERYBODY she's ever met, everybody who had anything whatsoever to do with The Black Swan, except her costars.

11:21... Sandra Bullock presents Best Actor to...Jesse Eisenberg (aww, not this year buddy, but it was a terrific performance)? Nah, Colin Firth, who feels his career has just peaked (ha!), is this year's winner. Was there ever any doubt?

11:31...Steven Spielberg will be presenting Best Picture. Umm, why? What was the last Spielberg movie you watched? AI? Can't they get a really big movie star to present Best Picture? Like, say, Leonardo? or even Warren Beatty? or Jack Nicholson?

Isn't James Franco the worst Oscars host EVER? Please get a comedian to host the show next year.

11:37... Best Picture goes to...The King's Speech. Because the Academy likes British movies, ugh.

I'm gonna say it.... that was REALLY BORING. Goodnight.


where am I?

I'm at yoga, and also happily focused on work.

For the time being I won't be 'desiring to acquiring' regularly, but I am posting every boring detail of my 100 day yoga challenge, here. It's even more self indulgent than this site, if that's possible. You've been warned.

I'll dish on the Oscars, but posts here will be sporadic until May. Until then, Namaste.


...wednesday wish: yogamatic

Today on Oprah, the Goddess of Simplicity and All That Is Kind gifted the Mighty Opes with a custom made yoga mat from yogamatic.


I've had the same yoga mat for years; I just can't find one that's as thin as my current mat. Now my thin mat is falling apart at the seams. I really need a new one, but I just can't justify paying $85 for a mat that I would just cover with a skidless towel.

But for those of you generous types who have money to burn, this is an absolutely fabulous gift for your hard-to-buy-for yogi friend who is about to turn 50, who you think has everything.

Here are a few samples of yogamatic's designs.


Yogamatic is even offering Vision Mat workshops, where attendees will learn how to make and use a Vision Board, and yogamatic.com transfers those boards seamlessly onto a yoga mat! Learn about it here.

What do you want on your yoga mat?


...tuesday shoes day: ballerina

Have you seen 'Black Swan'? Natalie Portman deserves every award this year for her unforgettable performance as Nina, the fragile ballerina pressured into perfection and madness.


I do love ballerina fashion. We couldn't channel the white swan and wear tutus in our everyday lives, but these cute ballerina flats from Chanel would have me twirling until my big toe nail breaks (sorry, spoiler alert). You'll never look at a nail clipper the same way again.

loved the ballerina outfits, and her hair!