...wednesday wish: yogamatic

Today on Oprah, the Goddess of Simplicity and All That Is Kind gifted the Mighty Opes with a custom made yoga mat from yogamatic.


I've had the same yoga mat for years; I just can't find one that's as thin as my current mat. Now my thin mat is falling apart at the seams. I really need a new one, but I just can't justify paying $85 for a mat that I would just cover with a skidless towel.

But for those of you generous types who have money to burn, this is an absolutely fabulous gift for your hard-to-buy-for yogi friend who is about to turn 50, who you think has everything.

Here are a few samples of yogamatic's designs.


Yogamatic is even offering Vision Mat workshops, where attendees will learn how to make and use a Vision Board, and yogamatic.com transfers those boards seamlessly onto a yoga mat! Learn about it here.

What do you want on your yoga mat?

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