...shop: old navy

Here are a few items you may want to consider:
I'd pass on the cardi coat; it looks cheap even in this picture. But I'm lovin the skinny cargos.

The sweater may look boring, but most guys look cute in a zip sweater, don't you think? But the fleece robe...hmm. Ladies, do NOT get your husband a fleece robe. That's like saying, "Honey, we're done. You're sleeping on the couch FOREVER."

...tuesday shoes day: calf hair boots

Words cannot express how I feel about these boots.
Cavalli thigh-high calf hair boots from net-a-porter, $4240
Oh, here's the word: NO!

Obviously I'm in the minority and there's still a lot of animal print love. Here's a feature from the December 2010 Vogue.


...oscar talk 2011: buzzkill

I've been excited about every Oscar show since 1973. Today it was announced that Anne Hathaway and James Franco will be co-hosting the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony.

I suppose the powers-that-be at Oscarville are trying to attract a younger audience, but suddenly I'm not so excited.

To make things worse, this little bit of news also caught my attention:
new york post

Hell, no! If Justin Timberlake gets a nomination and the actually-deserving Andrew Garfield--or Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Geoffrey Rush, Bill Murray or Michael Douglas--do not, you know the Oscars are just as f*d up as Dancing with the Stars.

...monday mirage: office

Yeah, it's Monday and I understand if the last place you want to be is at the office. I, for one, wouldn't mind the commute and long hours if my cubicle looked like this.  

These images are from rue issue 2, go all the way to pg 208. (I still can't figure out the most efficient way to flip through an online magazine, can you?) I love how the exposed brick and beams, ghost chair, chandelier contrast with Ikea office furniture. Notice how the gilt mirror is hung from a pole. Cool, but a little bit scary.  

Here's a good tip: 'incorporate a bar into your space'... ha! OK, I'll get right on that.

Domino: The Book of Decorating: A Room-by-Room Guide to Creating a Home That Makes You Happy


...tv talk: xfiles reunion

 I Want To Believe - TV Show Poster (Size: 25'' x 36'')

Well, a mini reunion of sorts. Featuring an interview with both Scully and Mulder, here.
scully and mulder
I was so delighted to read that they don't hate each other, and that Duchovny "..would do [Xfiles] forever. I will always come back". Don't tease us, it's cruel.

The X-Files: The Complete Collector's Edition

...sunday supper: sinigang

shrimp sinigang from panlasang pinoy
My family's fave Filipino dish is sinigang. It's sour soup cooked by boiling meat or seafood and adding a sour base such as tamarind, with a variety of vegetables thrown in at the end. I've only ever used a mix as the souring ingredient in my sinigang. I don't know what a tamarind looks like so finding it in the grocery store is out of the question. Anyway, the mix has always worked for me.

This is a fairly simple dish that most home cooks can easily master. If I'm in a really good mood (never), I'd serve shrimp sinigang with broiled pork chops, and always with hot white rice.

Read the Panlasang Pinoy mix-based recipe and view his video (yay!!!) here.


...saturday silver screen: gidget

The Complete Gidget Collection (Gidget / Gidget Goes Hawaiian / Gidget Goes to Rome)

Long before I became heartless and cynical, I was a dewy-eyed teen glued to the tv set. I thought for sure I'd meet my first love on the beach--he with thick dark hair wearing a light colored polo--and he'd sing to me at a midnight luau...

Was there ever anyone dreamier than Moondoggie? *sigh* I've watched this scene a hundred times.

Gidget is a perceptive coming-of-age in the 50s(!) film about a cute girl who discovers surfing and love, in that order. The whole thing is ridiculously dated, but I can't help it, this is my 'honest to goodness absolute ultimate' favorite movie of all time!

Sandra Dee is adorable, and James Darren DIVINE.  I won't say anymore; I'm in love all over again.

Fashion note: Look at the clothes on these perfect creatures. They'd both look good today. Her dress could be from Anthro, her cardi and his khakis from Jcrew, his shirt from Lacoste. Best teen movie couple ever.


...shop: aritzia gift guide

Aritzia Holiday Gift Guide

Aritzia is a very popular retailer among teens and young adults. Frankly, I think they're overpriced for the quality. EVERY other girl in my neck of the Hill, including my own Rorygilmore, owns that ubiquitous $300 parka. Click here to look at their holiday gift guide.
I love the Marc by Marc Jacobs bags. But that just encourages young girls, who couldn't possibly have much of an income, to spend $400 on a bag. Insanity!

Wilfred stiped shirt, $55
However, you really can't have too many striped shirts.

The ELLEments of Personal Style: 25 Modern Fashion Icons on How to Dress, Shop, and Live

...fashion friday: urban evening by net-a-porter

Is there anything cooler than leather mixed with something feminine and glamorous?
Love this Burberry jacket!

You really need the right body and attitude to pull this off. Even at the peak of my, um, beauty--and at 49 let's face it, I've peaked--I was just cute or wholesome. I couldn't look edgy or punky (is that word still relevant?) even with a mohawk and a cigarette dangling from the corner of my mouth.

But for those of you who with 12% body fat or less, long limbs, long locks and the right attitude --I'm looking at you, Evil Genius--I say,"Go for it!".

Read net-a-porter's editorial here.

Girls Like Us: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon--and the Journey of a Generation


...shop extra: club monaco sale

club monaco
Here are some, er, interesting looks from their current lookbook that you may find on the sale rack.

The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style: How to Wear Iconic Looks and Make Them Your Own

...thursday talk: decor and dancing

Eye candy from rue, issue 2:

The DWTS (Dancing with the Semi-Famous People) finale would have almost been bearable if I were sitting in this cozy corner.

I was channel surfing but couldn't help and watch the spectacle of David Hasselhoff dancing and *gasp* singing the Baywatch theme. Watch it here if you dare. I'm warning you, it ain't pretty.

Thank goodness sanity prevailed and Jennifer Grey, 50 yrs old, won the coveted mirrored disco ball.

Did you see Christina Aguilera? Divorce does not become her. Her movie 'Burlesque' reminds me of the 'Showgirls' but without the fun porn stuff. I'm worried that Cher needs money. Reviews have been surprisingly kind, comparing it favourably to last year's 'Nine'. Nine: Ouch!

Over 24 million desperately bored people watched the DWTS finale, its highest rated finale ever. Ugh.
Dirty Dancing (Collector's Edition)


...wednesday wish list: oprah's favorite things

The mighty Oprah aired her last ever 'Favorite Things' shows. Lucky audience members were freaking out with each gift that was rolled out--even caramel popcorn. Can you blame them? I once made a fool of myself for a pen and a $5 coupon to the cruise casino.

The audience walked away with cruises, 3d tvs, the 2012 VW Beetle (a car so new it hasn't been photographed). So I won't post those pictures here. I'd be happy enough one with these:
Elfa closet system, $1000. You can't be too rich, too thin or too organized.
Miracle Body Jeans, $110. I believed in the Miraclesuit, worth every penny.
Ipad with Scrabble app, $505. I tried this out at a party and didn't speak for the next 5 hours. Truly addictive, especially for those with anti-social tendencies, like me.
Le Creuset Oprah set, $599. All the cookware you'll ever need. Weighs a TON and will outlive you.
Did you see Johnny Mathis on the show? I'm convinced there's a portrait of a decrepit, wrinkled old man hidden in his attic. Read Oprah's complete list of favorite things here.

Dream Big: O's Guide to Discovering Your Best Life