...saturday silver screen: morning glory

For reasons I won't reveal, I was a complete mess today.Time for the ugly cry.

The only things that kept me from drowning my sorrows in a whole tub of Haagen Dazs dark chocolate ice cream was the shortage of Lactaid, and the promise of Morning Glory tonight.

I've been looking forward to this movie for months. It's the perfect grown up romantic comedy, though it's light on the romantic. The whole audience, all 10 of us, laughed out loud throughout the film. North American audiences would rather watch crap like Jackass 3D than an intelligent movie like this one.

Rachel McAdams is absolutely adorable as Becky, the young producer brought in to save a low rated network morning show. Diane Keaton (outfitted as Diane Keaton would be in fitted shirts and big necklaces) is a real trooper in a hysterical supporting role as one of the cohosts. Harrison Ford is, um, grumpy. And of course, my boyfriend Patrick Wilson was great eye candy in the small role of the PLI (perfect love interest). PLI courts Becky persistently but respectfully, is understanding and supportive, and of course, hot. I'll take one of those.

There's nothing like a good movie to get me out of my funk. I LOVED Morning Glory. Score: A-, but I'll upgrade to A+ for casting the lovely Mr Wilson.

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