...saturday silver screen: year of living dangerously

I'm sad that Mel Gibson's career and life has taken such a tragic turn. I turned a blind eye to news of his racist rants. I'm in denial over his abusive relationship with the  Russian gold digger. Mel gave a great performance in the shockingly violent Edge of Darkness, but it's shocking how much he's aged. He looks much older than his 55 years.

I like to remember Mel as he first appeared on my radar, in 1982's haunting 'The Year of Living Dangerously'. Set in 1960s Indonesia (filmed in the Philippines!), Gibson is the ambitious Australian journalist who makes a name for himself with the help of Billy Kwan, a Chinese-Australian dwarf photographer (say that 3 times fast) played by Linda Hunt. Hunt, a woman, deservedly won that year's supporting Oscar. Sigourney Weaver enters the picture, 'and so it begins'....

The romance between Mel and Sigourney's characters is one of this flawless film's strong points. I use the word gorgeous a lot, but it's not an exaggeration in this case. They were GORGEOUS. At the time, Sigourney described Mel as 'the most beautiful man I've ever seen'. Women everywhere agreed.

Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver in The Year of Living Dangerously

In fact, in 1985 Mel was People magazine's first ever Sexiest Man Alive.

...that was a long time ago.

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