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SJP with Chanel scarf, SATC 1
I loved many of Carrie's outfits in Sex&TheCity1, but this was the most memorable for me because hey, I could actually see myself in this. I mean, I gasped when I first saw this image, but on what occasion would I wear a green full skirted dress, short sleeve coat, high gladiator sandals and an  Eiffel Tower bag (that I love love love btw, even if it wouldn't hold my hairbrush)?? Really...

I do however, for at least 90% of my current life, dress very casually. My fall wardrobe consists mainly of jeans, casual jacket, boots, messy hair in a bun, and a scarf for a touch of softness. So lately I've been searching for scarves --big, long, comfy, cozy, plush--just like the ones these stylish ladies are wearing.
Rachel Bilson in Chanel, from the gloss
who what wear
the city sage
GOOP, presumably at the airport.

So with those images in mind, I found these:

From the Gap. Trust me, this is better than it looks. It's beyond soft and cozy, and the neutral colours go with everything.
Banana Republic Gosh, I wish I still had that 50% discount.

Jcrew. OMG, this might just have to make its way to my cart.

For more scarf inspiration, read these recents posts from Big Wolf and Simply Luxurious. Happy scarf hunting!

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