...sunday supper: sinigang

shrimp sinigang from panlasang pinoy
My family's fave Filipino dish is sinigang. It's sour soup cooked by boiling meat or seafood and adding a sour base such as tamarind, with a variety of vegetables thrown in at the end. I've only ever used a mix as the souring ingredient in my sinigang. I don't know what a tamarind looks like so finding it in the grocery store is out of the question. Anyway, the mix has always worked for me.

This is a fairly simple dish that most home cooks can easily master. If I'm in a really good mood (never), I'd serve shrimp sinigang with broiled pork chops, and always with hot white rice.

Read the Panlasang Pinoy mix-based recipe and view his video (yay!!!) here.

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