...monday mirage: sexiest man alive?

We survived Monday, so time to play a game. People must be ready to announce this year's 'Sexiest Man Alive'. The editors haven't asked me who this year's recipient should be, but I'd like to tell them anyway.

Here are these year's contenders:

 1. Pitt 2. Clooney
I believe this picture is from 2001. The Goddess + Pitt look so golden, young and happy here. 1.Honestly even when he was married to the Goddess I never found Brad any more appealing than say, Ross Gellar.  2. George was hot as Dr Ross, but that was years ago. Now he's just super man, all Oscar winner, smug and charitable. Gotta say though, aging gracefully.

3. The kid from Twilight.
3. This pale skinny guy is a contender? Seriously? That would be wrong.
4. Johnny Depp
4. He's won before, so unlikely repeat this year. I've never understood his appeal. And have you seen trailer for 'The Tourist'? Does he know he looks crazy? and smelly?
5. Hamm
5. Finally, someone good. Unfortunately, not famous enough. Love him as Don Draper, but he was underwhelming in The Town. 

6. Affleck
6. I've always found him so handsome. And I loved the Town. He won't get it.
7. Leo
7. As A list as they come, the best actor of his generation. I'd love to see him in a rom com, or anything where he cracks a smile for even a minute. He doesn't do fluff, and would probably turn down the title and run away if People offered to him. They probably already have. He's too good for this and he knows it.

8. Colin Firth
8. He's 50, vewy Bwwwitish, gifted, and a serious Oscar contender this year.  He should be campaigning for the Oscars, not People. Still, he would be a great pick. And that accent...

9. Gosling
9. He's a gifted actor, and Canadian! If People gives this to a Canadian, it won't be this Ryan.  

These are old pics obviously, but McGosling looks so cute and in love here so I just wanted to post.
10. Jakey
10. Currently promoting Love&Other Drugs. People sometimes ties SMA to a promo, so it's very possible he'll be named this year. Dating Swifty, ugh. Charming, cute, adorable, like a puppy.
11. Patrick
11. He's not really on anyone's possible SMA list, but he should be. Anyway, it's beneath him. Patrick, we'll always have Little Children.
Who would have thought I would run out of steam writing about movie stars?! There are so many more contenders I'll just keep it really brief.

12. Keanu 13. Mark Ruffalo. 14. Eric Bana - They're not on any short lists for this ridiculous title, but like I always say, there's no accounting for taste. These guys are talented and sexy. 
12. Keanu - just because.
13. Ruffalo. Another sexy, low profile actor who can do it all.

15. Eric Bana - Australian, funny, also too good for this.
I thought I could play this game forever, but I'm exhausted. I don't even care now who gets this um, honour. As it turns out the next two are real contenders.

16. Justin Timberlake -- really? He's a great pop star, but he's a terrible actor. Terrible. And not sexy. Not. You know what he looks like. I won't bother posting.

17. Ryan Reynolds -- ok, maybe. Give it to him already.
17. He's Canadian, and his wife is arguably the sexiest chick alive. That's gotta be a plus. Yeah, he could be the SMA. But, is he wearing foundation here?
Winner? I vote for Colin Firth. But I'm guessing it will be Ryan Reynolds or Jakey. Colin will just have to be happy with that Oscar.

Update: I'm too good at this game.

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