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The Way We Were

Did you see Barbra Streisand on Oprah yesterday? I'd seen the previews and knew that Robert Redford would also appear, but when he walked on the stage I still cried 'Oh My God!', as if I had no idea. Babs looked great, didn't she? Redford, well not so much.

You know 'The Way We Were': passionate but plain girl loves gorgeous goyish boy, she gets a makeover, they marry, breakup. Then the ending... Many years later, Babs & Redford meet on the street, look at each other with regret and longing, and say goodbye. Then Babs sings... The ending leaves me sobbing EVERY TIME! It's movie magic.

 "I'm a very good loser." MWAAA!

Coincidentally, the Sex&TheCity season 2 finale was rerun today. That's the episode where Carrie learns that Big is engaged to Natasha, the 'stick figure with no soul'. It ends with Carrie meeting Big, and they pretty much reenact 'The Way We Were'.

"Why wasn't it me? I just need to hear you say it."I need Kleenex.

Say what you will about SJP's looks, but she is smokin' hot in this episode. She SASHAYS--not walk, or march, or step, or schlepp, she SASHAYS--across the screen in those heels and that tiny slip dress. And Chris Noth as Big? Perfect casting. We understood why Carrie was so crazy about him. Love them!

And also...

GOOP is on Glee right now, speaking Spanish, singing and dancing. We get it GOOP, you're multi-talented. I fully admit that you did not suck tonight. I'm not a hater. I'm a very good loser.

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