...wednesday wish list: oprah's favorite things

The mighty Oprah aired her last ever 'Favorite Things' shows. Lucky audience members were freaking out with each gift that was rolled out--even caramel popcorn. Can you blame them? I once made a fool of myself for a pen and a $5 coupon to the cruise casino.

The audience walked away with cruises, 3d tvs, the 2012 VW Beetle (a car so new it hasn't been photographed). So I won't post those pictures here. I'd be happy enough one with these:
Elfa closet system, $1000. You can't be too rich, too thin or too organized.
Miracle Body Jeans, $110. I believed in the Miraclesuit, worth every penny.
Ipad with Scrabble app, $505. I tried this out at a party and didn't speak for the next 5 hours. Truly addictive, especially for those with anti-social tendencies, like me.
Le Creuset Oprah set, $599. All the cookware you'll ever need. Weighs a TON and will outlive you.
Did you see Johnny Mathis on the show? I'm convinced there's a portrait of a decrepit, wrinkled old man hidden in his attic. Read Oprah's complete list of favorite things here.

Dream Big: O's Guide to Discovering Your Best Life

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