...saturday silver screen: Oklahoma!

When I first watched Oklahoma on tv in 1972, I was completely enchanted by the music, the acting, the choreography, everything... The next time the movie was televised, I vowed to tape it. Now, this was before Betamax, VCR, DVD, bluray and PVR, so 'taping' meant positioning the family's big cassette recorder in front of the television speakers. You could hear the background noise, the phone ringing, family screaming... those were the days! (hmmm.. .What did pre-teens do in their spare time in the 70s? I'm not sure because I was in my room memorizing the lyrics to Oklahoma. I must have been a strange kid!)

This musical is brilliant, delightful, the best of Rodgers and Hammerstein. Hearing Gordon MacRae sing 'Oh What A Beautiful Morning'... ah, it's proof that God exists :)

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