...thursday talk: decor and dancing

Eye candy from rue, issue 2:

The DWTS (Dancing with the Semi-Famous People) finale would have almost been bearable if I were sitting in this cozy corner.

I was channel surfing but couldn't help and watch the spectacle of David Hasselhoff dancing and *gasp* singing the Baywatch theme. Watch it here if you dare. I'm warning you, it ain't pretty.

Thank goodness sanity prevailed and Jennifer Grey, 50 yrs old, won the coveted mirrored disco ball.

Did you see Christina Aguilera? Divorce does not become her. Her movie 'Burlesque' reminds me of the 'Showgirls' but without the fun porn stuff. I'm worried that Cher needs money. Reviews have been surprisingly kind, comparing it favourably to last year's 'Nine'. Nine: Ouch!

Over 24 million desperately bored people watched the DWTS finale, its highest rated finale ever. Ugh.
Dirty Dancing (Collector's Edition)

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