I am going to the hairstylist this evening. Yep, the usual root touch up and fixing of the highlights. Beyond the colour problem, I just don't know what to do with my hair. It's too long now and I'm attached to the length but I don't want to cut it. And you know that when your best look is a ponytail, it's really time for a cut.

Still, I'm not the only one who wears their hair up these days. Look at Lauren Conrad and Marion Cotillard, who are both super stylish. I might just dare to go out like this one day...

images via bellasugar



Carey Mulligan at TIFF. Waiting fan is Rorygilmore I think.
It's officially fall. One of the things that makes the end of summer in Toronto almost bearable is the film festival. If you're not familiar, movie stars come to our fair city and screen their Oscar hopeful films. It's a great festival because regular folks get to watch movie screenings, not just industry types or press. So Rorygilmore and I have been going for a few years. Now, you know I'm a big movie fan, but I'm really a movie lover as opposed to movie star stalking fan. That is, unless I know for sure Keanu Reeves or Jon Hamm is going to buy me a drink or offer to sit next to me at the theatre, I'm not hanging outside a hotel waiting for them to come out and cross the street. So If I want to see say, Clive Owen, I'll pay to see his movie. Clive, by the way, is as tall, dark, and handsome as you would imagine. This year I was sitting outside the Yorkville Anthropologie finishing a sudoku puzzle when Rorygilmore caught Jon Hamm crossing the street from the Four Seasons to the Hazelton. The closest I ever got to a real celeb was the time I was trying on boots next to Marisa Tomei at Holts (the year she was promoting 'The Wrestler')....Memorable only because Marisa was wearing a really short dress/tunic, struggled with her boots like a 2 year old, and seemed to forget her underpants. You get the picture. That's the closest I'll get to fame.

Anyway, this year we went to the gala screening of Never Let Me Go, the much hyped movie adaptation of the famous novel. My grade? B+... and that's generous. That's Carey Mulligan pictured above, at the TIFF screening. Best buzz  at TIFF that night was for her dress, which was fabulous!!! The less you know about the story, the better. That's almost impossible and the movie gives 'the secret' away much too early. And then it's just a really slow movie where nothing really seems to happen. Carey was fine and may even get another Oscar nom. Keira Knightley and Andrew Garfield (who is the next Spiderman)? both soooo skinny.

Then R and I watched The Town. It was much better than I expected, so I'll give it A minus. I fell in love with Boston when we were there this August, but the Boston of 'The Town' isn't Newbury Street. Ben Affleck is so handsome and directed a good cast, including Jon Hamm (who is just ok in this), Blake Lively (surprisingly good), Jeremy Renner (perfect) and Rebecca Hall (meh). By the way, Mad Men is having a great season, no? Last night's episode was devastating, and 'The Suitcase" which highlighted Don and Peggy's relationship, is my fave episode of the whole series so far.

Finally Rorygilmore and I watched Easy A. My grade? A of course. Emma Stone is adorable, awesome and dare I say it? the new Lindsay, hopefully with a better fate. It's a fun, funny, and somehow smart teen movie, which I'm obviously not above enjoying even at my advance age. Emma is starring in the movie adaptation of The Help, the book I so enjoyed this summer. So that's something to look forward to.

Next up for me? possibly the facebook movie, though I think Justin Timberlake should really just stick to music.



In my next life, I want to be Ina Garten. Or at least, I want to be the spawn of Ina and Jeffrey... only thinner. Working from home, I watch the Food Network a LOT. Ina is my absolute favourite. Love her Hamptons home, her barn, her kitchen, her voice, all that butter, her sophisticated rich hungry friends. She's always so happy. Probably because her husband, the jovial and always affectionate Jeffrey, seems to be away most of the week (he used to be a Dean at Yale, I think) and she gets to stay at home, cooking up a storm, and entertaining her handsome gay friends. I'd be happy too. Note of course, they're childless.

Liz Lemon loves Ina too. Watch this.


Limited edition Marc by Marc Jacobs tote
I've commented on the silly emails I sometimes receive from the upscale Canadian retailer, usually snarky comments. But I couldn't ignore this one. Naturally, I made my reservations right away. How could I resist? It's by Marc Jacobs, for a good cause, less than $50, and a limited edition. Limited edition? hmmm... possible hot item for ebay?

I know what you're thinking... ugh. Another handbag post!


Kate Gosselin, People mag cover
Say what you will about Kate Gosselin -- unfit mother, horrible wife, ballbreaker, nag, delusional famewhore, worst dancer ever on DWTS. But man, she looks absolutely fantastic these days. Once famously hugely pregnant with 6, then compact and muscular, and now long and lean and in the best shape of her life. She, apparently, accomplished this by eating healthy and running daily. I think she's inspiring. And for the record, I wouldn't have behaved much differently than she did if I had 8 little kids and a no good husband. Good for you, Kate. Read about it here.

Looking good is the absolute best revenge!



Longchamp le pliage praline medium
In my travels, I noticed that the chicest and most elegant women carry a le pliage. I know it's not pretty, and I have my (large) share of handbags, but this is my current favorite. It's the most practical everyday handbag you'll ever own. You can stuff your big wallet, cell phone, a hair brush, small makeup bag, a paperback, sudoku puzzle, small bottle of water, and carry the bag gracefully on your shoulder.

I long for Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang, but those It bags have expiry dates and frankly, weigh at least 7 pounds empty! Contact me if you want one... I'll go to Paris and buy one for you!

And damn, now I am craving the matching scarf.


It's fall... the most depressing time of the year for me. As soon as August ended, the weather turned dreary and chilly. The only good thing about the season is the fashion. We have no choice in Toronto. One day you're wearing your short shorts and then you're looking for your parka.

Isn't this beige sweater from uniqlo absolute perfection? I am craving fall clothes  Will I even find this in Canada?


My gosh it's been ages since I've blogged...and I promised myself I would be prolific -- blogging daily and often. If this blog were a houseplant, it would have died 4 weeks ago. Well anyone who knows me, knows I don't do plants.

I've been on vacation -- physically, and then from the internet. But I'm back. We've so much to catch up on.

Today is the launch of the new online shelter magazine, rue. Now, I've been a magazine addict since the age of 10. I get excited seeing new issues of my favorite magazines at the newsstand. I analyze the cover, review all the feature stories and can't wait to open them up. I have 4 double bookcases at the top of our stairs full of issues of Vogue, Elle Decor, Living Etc, Vanity Fair, Domino, Oprah. Those are the ones I hang on to. I usually discard the fashion mags, Glamour, Instyle, but only because fashion has a shelf life. But you'll see recent or current issues of all of these on my nightstand, under the bed, the bathroom, yikes. I used to spend a fortune on magazines. Now with the HST and the internet, it's hard to justify dropping over $10 a week on something disposable.

Thank goodness for online publishing. The new rue is both fun and elegant, and full of inspiring pictures, but it's not the same as print, staring at a page, bookmarking it, tearing out your faves for your inspiration board. But, hey it's free.

via rue. This is so me!