My gosh it's been ages since I've blogged...and I promised myself I would be prolific -- blogging daily and often. If this blog were a houseplant, it would have died 4 weeks ago. Well anyone who knows me, knows I don't do plants.

I've been on vacation -- physically, and then from the internet. But I'm back. We've so much to catch up on.

Today is the launch of the new online shelter magazine, rue. Now, I've been a magazine addict since the age of 10. I get excited seeing new issues of my favorite magazines at the newsstand. I analyze the cover, review all the feature stories and can't wait to open them up. I have 4 double bookcases at the top of our stairs full of issues of Vogue, Elle Decor, Living Etc, Vanity Fair, Domino, Oprah. Those are the ones I hang on to. I usually discard the fashion mags, Glamour, Instyle, but only because fashion has a shelf life. But you'll see recent or current issues of all of these on my nightstand, under the bed, the bathroom, yikes. I used to spend a fortune on magazines. Now with the HST and the internet, it's hard to justify dropping over $10 a week on something disposable.

Thank goodness for online publishing. The new rue is both fun and elegant, and full of inspiring pictures, but it's not the same as print, staring at a page, bookmarking it, tearing out your faves for your inspiration board. But, hey it's free.

via rue. This is so me!

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