singing to myself...

Good morning starshine
The earth says hello
You twinkle above us
We twinkle below

Good morning starshine
You lead us along
My love and me as we sing
Our early morning singing song

Gliddy gloop gloopy
Nibby nobby nooby
La la la lo lo
Sabba sibby sabba
Nooby abba dabba
Le le lo lo
dooby ooby walla
dooby abba dabba
Early morning singing song

Good mornin' starshine
There's love in your skies
reflecting the sunlight
in my lovers eyes

Good morning starshine
so happy to be
My love and me , as we sing
Our early morning singing song

Gliddy gloop gloopy
Nibby nobby nooby
La la la lo lo
Sabba sibby sabba
Nooby abba dabba
Le le lo lo
dooby ooby walla
dooby abba dabba
Early morning singing song 



midnight in paris *sigh*

There are so many particulars, on paper, that normally would've made me line up for Midnight in Paris on the very first day--Paris! Woody! McAdams! Marion! Paris! Unfortunately I can barely tolerate Owen Wilson, so I wasn't willing to shell out over $10 to watch this in a theatre.

I was wrong; I enjoyed it anyway. Here's my review in 140 characters or less...
If you liked Annie Hall and the tv show Quantum Leap, you might enjoy Midnight in Paris. It's not quite magical, but it's always nice to see a successful summer movie that isn't a remake (though there are scenes that are reminiscent of Allen's Manhattan, Purple Rose of Cairo, and even Hannah and Her Sisters), or a sequel and doesn't feature an overpaid actor in a superhero costume.

Btw, Rachel McAdams plays a character so loathsome her only redeeming qualities are that she's played by Rachel, and she has fabulous taste in handbags.

Her gorgeous tan chain leather tote stole every scene.

Woody looks back at 12 of his films here.


touch of blue and a drinking game!

We've lived with a very neutral palette in our house for 8 years. And by neutral I mean white, very bright white with some black, and for colour there's the beige sofa and the brown hardwood floor. So I may finally be ready for a less-than-neutral hue.

Right now I love Tiffany blue (okay, that's turquoise for the less pretentious)...


Blue appliances and backsplash are a welcome change from the ubiquitous stainless steel.
house of turquoise

This is my favorite--colour in small doses, and I already have the rug!

And of course, the blue room to end all blue rooms....
Mary McDonald's super glamorous office as it was in 2006, Domino Book of Decorating

If you've seen Mary's office on Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators, you'll notice she's changed the pics on the back wall and the room now seems more grey than blue. If you haven't noticed, then it's because you're not watching the BEST REALITY SHOW OF ALL TIME. Stop whatever you're doing right now and pvr the show, download it, or do whatever you must do, but you've got to watch Million Dollar Decorators. You won't believe these people exist on our planet, but you'll love them all (except Ross).

Oops, did I change the subject? I can't recommend this show enough. For best results, play the Million Dollar Decorators Drinking Game while you're watching.

You're welcome.


a bikini body!

Of course that's not MY body!

These to-die-for abs belongs to Cassey, the genius behind blogilates. She'll inspire you to believe that you too, can look almost this good. My crazy-fit nieces introduced me to Cassey's pop pilates videos on you-tube where she demos her workouts, instructs you through the moves while smiling and chatting and amazingly, breathing, throughout. Honestly, you'll get tired just watching.

At my age, the only way I'll ever get her body is through gastric bypass, lipo, and having my mouth wired shut--at the same time. But the rest of you should follow blogilates where the incredible Cassey writes about:

Fitness--she's got workouts for every one of your body parts;

Food--There are recipes, food plans, and her 8 week eating plan to get her abs (I wouldn't last 8 hours. If I only had the discipline!); and

Lots of Pilates!

Who needs a personal trainer?


charming and cheery...

This delicate wirework Chateau lamp from Anthropologie is so charming and unique.

 The yellow accessories, especially the mirror, in this cottagey room are so cheerful that I'm tempted to buy a can of spray paint.

I'm in a summer decorating mood.

artist's rendering...

Summer has officially arrived, and so it's time for a new dress that isn't black. How lovely is this?

Will I blend into the landscape? Or will I look like belong on the wall?


tuesday shoesday: THE all star

All Stars don't fit my usual aesthetic, but they are as classic as ballet flats or black pointy pumps. I'd love a pair in red gingham.
This cheerful pair would liven up my everyday summer outfits, instead of the aging Birkenstocks I've inherited from rorygilmore.

dress, gap.com, striped shirt and shorts, jcrew.com

And hopefully the All Stars would be more comfortable than this disastrous purchase. When my BFF Nora Ephron said, "flats are just as uncomfortable as heels", she must have been talking about the Revas.


best dressed at the tonys?

If you didn't catch the Tony Awards last Sunday (hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, the anti-James Franco), you'd never know by looking at these pictures that Christie Brinkley and Frances McDormand were at the same event.

Christie, a mind-boggling 57 years old (seriously, if she had any work done it was worth every cent), was asked to present because she's currently starring on 'Chicago' on Broadway. So honoured was she that Christie decided to dress like Miss America, or Pageant Barbie.

Minutes later Oscar winner Frances McDormand, 54, accepted Best Actress in a Play, in what I can only assume was wardrobe for her character in 'Good People'. And then she posed for mugshots backstage.

the look of the night, broadway.com
I adore Frances so much that I'm turning into her character from 'Friends with Money', really...And I love that she doesn't give a crap or own a hairbrush. She gets MY vote.

Who would you rather be?


< 3 twitter

...because twitter has brought me one step closer to hanging with my fantasy BFFs Ali, Carrie and Nora. Remember? here.

Amazingly, she hasn't blocked me. Unlike Alec, Minka, Nate and Oprah, any one of whom may be getting a restraining order while you read this.

I must confess that I am a very late adopter to this smartphone thing. After all, why did I need a Blackberry or an Iphone if I worked from home? So I resisted until my 3 year (?!) contract expired, coinciding with the release of the Iphone 4 in white. I discovered to my dismay I couldn't type on the damn Iphone touchscreen to save my life. And so my white Blackberry Bold and I met and lived happily...
for 3 weeks and I've been attached to it nearly 24/7. Then Cousin K suggested I go on Twitter. And damn, I've been on Twitter for 2 weeks and haven't stopped tweeting since, even if hardly anybody follows me. (Which by the way, you all should, if you want to be privy to my every thought...)

I need an intervention.

things that make me happy: jazz hands!

Last night's tv schedule was filled with divas and drama queens...The 6th annual Tony Awards, The NBA finals (karma's a bitch), and my new favorite reality show, Million Dollar Decorators.

But c'mon, Neil Patrick Harris and Hugh Jackman... dueling hosts, singing, dancing AND jazz hands. Are you f*ing kidding me? I'm in musical geek heaven!


Cooper: oui, oui!

I wasn't a fan, mostly because he played dicks in movies I paid to see (Wedding Crashers, He's Not That Into You), and I'm still not interested in any of his 'hits'.

But there's something about a man speaking French that elevates him from not to HOT, non?

Voulez vous.... Merci beaucoup.

be kind

Blogger was down for maintenance yesterday, but here is Monday's Mantra.
elements of style


fashion commandments of the week

Because everyone has an opinion...

The Common Grounds blog via gap mag, here

So, what's your "GO-TO" look? Personally I've owned more little sleeveless black dresses than I can remember.

And, do you follow any fashion commandments?

Next week, Ines...


the best chocolate cake in the world

We walked past the window, noticed the sign,
entered the cutest, friendliest, coziest little shop. We sat on the tufted sofa in front of a lovely rose-gold tint mirrored table...
and then, the cake...

the best chocolate cake in the world
... crispy with 3 layers of a light chocolate macaron-like cake, filled and topped with dark chocolate, not sweet or rich but just... heavenly!

Yes yes yes! This is THE best chocolate cake in the world.