best dressed at the tonys?

If you didn't catch the Tony Awards last Sunday (hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, the anti-James Franco), you'd never know by looking at these pictures that Christie Brinkley and Frances McDormand were at the same event.

Christie, a mind-boggling 57 years old (seriously, if she had any work done it was worth every cent), was asked to present because she's currently starring on 'Chicago' on Broadway. So honoured was she that Christie decided to dress like Miss America, or Pageant Barbie.

Minutes later Oscar winner Frances McDormand, 54, accepted Best Actress in a Play, in what I can only assume was wardrobe for her character in 'Good People'. And then she posed for mugshots backstage.

the look of the night, broadway.com
I adore Frances so much that I'm turning into her character from 'Friends with Money', really...And I love that she doesn't give a crap or own a hairbrush. She gets MY vote.

Who would you rather be?

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