touch of blue and a drinking game!

We've lived with a very neutral palette in our house for 8 years. And by neutral I mean white, very bright white with some black, and for colour there's the beige sofa and the brown hardwood floor. So I may finally be ready for a less-than-neutral hue.

Right now I love Tiffany blue (okay, that's turquoise for the less pretentious)...


Blue appliances and backsplash are a welcome change from the ubiquitous stainless steel.
house of turquoise

This is my favorite--colour in small doses, and I already have the rug!

And of course, the blue room to end all blue rooms....
Mary McDonald's super glamorous office as it was in 2006, Domino Book of Decorating

If you've seen Mary's office on Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators, you'll notice she's changed the pics on the back wall and the room now seems more grey than blue. If you haven't noticed, then it's because you're not watching the BEST REALITY SHOW OF ALL TIME. Stop whatever you're doing right now and pvr the show, download it, or do whatever you must do, but you've got to watch Million Dollar Decorators. You won't believe these people exist on our planet, but you'll love them all (except Ross).

Oops, did I change the subject? I can't recommend this show enough. For best results, play the Million Dollar Decorators Drinking Game while you're watching.

You're welcome.

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