midnight in paris *sigh*

There are so many particulars, on paper, that normally would've made me line up for Midnight in Paris on the very first day--Paris! Woody! McAdams! Marion! Paris! Unfortunately I can barely tolerate Owen Wilson, so I wasn't willing to shell out over $10 to watch this in a theatre.

I was wrong; I enjoyed it anyway. Here's my review in 140 characters or less...
If you liked Annie Hall and the tv show Quantum Leap, you might enjoy Midnight in Paris. It's not quite magical, but it's always nice to see a successful summer movie that isn't a remake (though there are scenes that are reminiscent of Allen's Manhattan, Purple Rose of Cairo, and even Hannah and Her Sisters), or a sequel and doesn't feature an overpaid actor in a superhero costume.

Btw, Rachel McAdams plays a character so loathsome her only redeeming qualities are that she's played by Rachel, and she has fabulous taste in handbags.

Her gorgeous tan chain leather tote stole every scene.

Woody looks back at 12 of his films here.

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