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...because twitter has brought me one step closer to hanging with my fantasy BFFs Ali, Carrie and Nora. Remember? here.

Amazingly, she hasn't blocked me. Unlike Alec, Minka, Nate and Oprah, any one of whom may be getting a restraining order while you read this.

I must confess that I am a very late adopter to this smartphone thing. After all, why did I need a Blackberry or an Iphone if I worked from home? So I resisted until my 3 year (?!) contract expired, coinciding with the release of the Iphone 4 in white. I discovered to my dismay I couldn't type on the damn Iphone touchscreen to save my life. And so my white Blackberry Bold and I met and lived happily...
for 3 weeks and I've been attached to it nearly 24/7. Then Cousin K suggested I go on Twitter. And damn, I've been on Twitter for 2 weeks and haven't stopped tweeting since, even if hardly anybody follows me. (Which by the way, you all should, if you want to be privy to my every thought...)

I need an intervention.

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