...thursday talk: GOOP and other tidbits

GOOP added more hate to our one way love/hate relationship with the arrival of her weekly email. Today she writes about how she was PERSONALLY INVITED to brunch in the Hamptons by my alternate universe mom, Ina Garten. *aargh* [That's the same alternate universe where I'm Mrs. Seinfeld, and my BFFs are Nora Ephron, Carrie Fisher and Ali Wentworth. The four of us (me, Nora, Carrie and Ali) walk arm in arm around NYC and Paris like the women from SATC, but in sensible heels... How fabulous would that be?]

GOOP with my alternate universe mom, Ina.
Anyway, GOOP (without makeup to prove that she's cool with her natural beauty) hangs in AU mom's kitchen making ricotta. Ricotta?! I don't understand why anyone would ever make anything that can be purchased at any grocery store for $5 a tub. "It only takes 25 minutes for homemade ricotta... " But hey, that's my AU mom. Details here.

And other breaking 'news' I must share:
  • 340 people died in Indonesia's tsunami on Monday, but this is the biggest story of the day. (Access Hollywood)
  • They've never heard of Dri-Fit. (The Cut)
  • Paid blogger, formerly anorexic, sparks outrage with ignorant and cruel remarks. And why is it acceptable to say  'fattie'?!?  (Marie Claire)
  • And intelligent counterpoint to above. (Jennsylvania)
  • The Dog Whisperer reportedly exhibits sexist pig behaviour, comparing women to dogs, and not favourably.  (LaineyGossip)

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