Anna della Russo and co walking the streets of Paris (or Milan, I don't know), probably to some fashion show
Garance Dore on The Sartorialist
SJP walking her son to school!
Olivia Palermo, from The City, about to mount a bicycle, in Paris or New York
How? How do these women walk in these gorgeous but ridiculously sky high heels, on pavement, for distances that seem longer than 500 feet?

Listen, heels are a necessity for the vertically challenged like me. I love the way I look in heels... but reality is, I have 'office' heels that I wear in my carpeted office, 'party' heels, and 'everyday' heels.

I have rules:
1. Everyday heels are for running errands, and may occasionally be worn in transit TO the office, but never IN the office.
2. Office heels are not worn to parties.
3. Party heels are for parties where dancing may be limited.
4. If lots of dancing is a possibility, 'dancing' heels of course may be required..

Here are my 'everyday' heels...which is why, besides the obvious reasons, I may never appear on The Sartorialist, or even Advanced Style. But my feet will be happy!

Rockport shoes with Adidas technology, $60

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