...friday fashion passion: Jcrew November

Just when I'm supposed to curb my spending, the November Jcrew catalog arrives to tempt me yet again.

Honestly, I was a tired of the old Jcrew formula: Stick thin model (bare faced but with strong brow and bright matte lip), outfitted in embellished feminine tee, layered with something masculine like a denim shirt, topped with a contrasting embellished cardi or jacket, accessorized  with a statement necklace that likely weighs about 10 lbs. Bottoms are either a tweed or sequin mini skirt, skinny cargos or Jenna's fave sequin lounge pants that just wouldn't look right on the rest of the human race. Footwear? Platform heels, always. *yawn*

The Nov issue had much less layers, few statement necklaces. I found this page particularly refreshing.What? Only one sweater? No necklace? Brogues? Yes, yes, yes. More wearable for a petite but curvy 'minimalist' like moi. Does this model remind you of Paulina Porizkova?

I caved in and finally bought the Minnie pant. I know, of course I don't need another pair of black pants. But in my defense, instead of the usual stretch twill, I bought a pair in bi-stretch wool. Normally I wouldn't buy wool, ESPECIALLY wool pants that aren't lined, but the Minnie was surprisingly comfortable and somehow more flattering in wool than twill. I do wish they sold the petite sizes in stores, because I'd need this to be hemmed to get the cropped look as pictured. The skinny pant is really so versatile if you have the right figure. I would wear these for day or evening, with flats, heels, or comfortably tucked into boots. I think it's worth every cent of the $80USD + tax (on sale!), don't you?

Here are more tempting images from the latest Jcrew.

And here's an image that inspired me to visit my closet to and 'go shopping'.

I apologize for the sloppy styling. I took this picture at 9pm in my hallway. It may be time to invest in a digital SLR camera. Details: Denim that loves you back jacket, (Winners $20!, Sept 2007), Banana Republic striped fitted shirt ($35, April 2010), BR long cardi ($45, April 2010), BR classic skinny petite jeans ($50, Aug 09), Aldo platforms ($110, Sept 06), Coach animal print kitten heels ($150, Aug 06), Barneys motorcyle bag ($200, Aug 06)
I realize my $20 jacket is lighter than Jcrew's. The green ribbon detailing makes it more 'froufrou' than the Jcrew, but it is also a tweedy metallic with a three quarter sleeve, so close enough. The rest of the outfit is nearly identical, but  I would NEVER wear all these layers. Even on a hanger and without my ample torso, that outfit is already bulky! Note that I styled with two pairs of shoes.  I'd wear the platform peep toes for about 15 minutes and then have to switch to the kitten heels. Fashion versus reality? Today, reality wins.

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