...sunday splurge: Kate Spade boots

Kate Spade black goat (goat?!) boots, $300 from Stylesense. Yay or nay?

This afternoon on the drive back to her university, Rorygilmore and I just had to stop by Stylesense to search for scarves. We found the scarves. But just before cashing out, we thought we'd cruise the aisles in case there were any cute new things. Within 2 minutes the bright pink box called my name and I found these...ugh. 

Of course I don't NEED them.  I've got at least 4 pairs of black boots. But my other pair of comfy high heeled black boots (the five yr old pointy stilettos for example) are looking worn. And these are comfortable 3 inch heels, easily pulled on, and wide enough around the calf to accommodate jeans. But I'm still on the fence. Thank goodness Stylesense (the Winners of shoes) has a great return policy. 

Should I drive back to the store and return them while I can still get a refund? Or should I keep? Discuss.

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  1. Marla......of course you don't need them. In essence, we only need water, food and air. The only pertinent question here is ..." do you want them?" having said that....I better see you wearing them on our lunch date in a couple of weeks!!!! They are BEAUTIFUL!!! Ninang Zee!!


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