Gap's very short-lived logo
Gap was one of my all time fave shopping sources. I bought Rorygilmore's first outfit there when she was 2 weeks old. In the 90s when business casual became the norm, I bought my entire wardrobe there. My 'uniform' consisted of cardigans, classic tshirts, silk scarves, khakis. I bought several pairs of the same black side zip twill pants, because I wore them nearly every day. And I have cute and comfy little black dresses memorably bought on sale. I was a loyal fan for at least 10 years. But then they became predictable, the quality really deteriorated, and even when Rorygilmore worked there and got 50% off, most of the time I had to force myself to find something worth buying.

What's wrong, Gap? J.Crew's popular Minnie pant is almost exactly the same as those same black side zip stretch twill pants I loved so much. Why didn't Gap reissue the pants before JCrew came out with theirs, for $98 USD? Why is Gap just now selling the really skinny pants and jeggings, 2 years after I bought them Forever21? Gap was floundering creatively and this naturally reflects in their popularity and bottom line.

The company and the brand had problems to fix, but their logo wasn't one of them. So they created a new logo which they introduced very quietly. Well, they tried...but they received such negative feedback that they decided to go back to the old logo tonight (after using the logo for maybe 1 week) and issued a press release to say so. Read here.

Ugh. I don't know what's worse, to fix 'what ain't broke', or to cave because their 'public' says so. If such a high profile company makes a big decision, shouldn't they stick with it? I'm embarrassed for them. Listen Gap, consumers buy clothes because they like the style, quality and price point, we ultimately don't care what your logo looks like. So don't even ask.

Well, there is hope. I found a few desirable items online so that is encouraging. Perhaps the old tried and true will find its way to consumers' hearts and wallets again.

Sidezip striped boatneck ... Ok Gap, you got me. I'm coming in for this one, even at full price!

What are your thoughts on logo debacle? Do you even care about a retailer's logo? And, do you still shop at the Gap?

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