Oh happy happy day! My Amazon order arrived on my doorstep this afternoon and I can't wait to start reading. As I slashed open the box, I wondered "Will I be as excited to download an ebook to a Kindle or Ipad?" hmmm.
First of all,

Rorygilmore brought this book to my attention, via a review in People. It's about life in Hollywood, which is a typical chicklit location, but what attracted me to this book is that one of the main characters is a Filipino nanny named Lola. I want to play her in the Lifetime movie. Sold!

Next up,

When I went to the screening at TIFF, the audience was much more passionate about the book than they were excited about the movie adaptation. That's a good enough recommendation for me. BTW, I didn't pay any attention to Andrew Garfield at TIFF, but now that I've watched the facebook movie, I can see why they hired him to be the new Spiderman. I wished I'd asked him a question, or at least taken his picture... he's going to be a big star someday, but he just didn't do anything for me in this quiet movie.

And finally,

...just because it's Oprah's latest book club selection. Usually her selections are so depressing (the Wally Lamb book for example), but I love her classic choices...'One Hundred Years of Solitude' and 'East of Eden' are two of my favorite books ever. So I'll give this a chance.
I may be on a blogging break, but I'm sure you understand.

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