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I'm always on the lookout for sheath dresses. Since I don't have the lifestyle where it's necessary to own several cocktail dresses, I tend to look for work appropriate dresses. It's easy to find classy dresses if money were no object, but what if you had less than $100 to spend? Well, not an easy task...

I managed to find very few. Note though that most are on sale from the original price, and online from US retailers.

BR wool sheath dress, $79 on sale
The best thing about this dress was this online review: I'm not sure why stores like Banana Republic take so many great-for-work styles and then modify them so they are only great for work if your work involves seducing someone... ha!

Ann Taylor knit tweed sheath dress, $79 online

Ann Taylor moody jaguar print sheath, $79
 I nearly purchased the AT jaguar print sheath when I was in Buffalo a few weeks ago, but decided against it. Yes, the length and cut are work appropriate. But would I be comfortable wearing purple animal print to a meeting, or even an office cocktail party? No! 

Loft wool sheath dress, $89

 This beauty is available in petite size, and with an additional 30% off now. It may just be worth a trip across the border....ugh.

I've concluded that cute, quality sheaths under $100 don't exist in Canada.But of course there's always Winners...

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