Just when I thought I'd seen all the good fall movies and the movie of the year, I was reminded of 'Morning Glory'! I'm so looking forward to this feature, starring the lovely and Canadian Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton (who will always be Annie Hall to me), Harrison Ford, and *gulp* my one and only Patrick Wilson.

Patrick Wilson! Patrick Wilson, who I first discovered one  lonely Tuesday morning in a Lincolnshire hotel room, when I ordered 'Little Children' to kill time before our conference began. He's low key but holds top spot on the Free Pass 5 most of the time. I think it was the Gap commercial with Claire zzzzz Danes that sealed our deal. The man can sing and dance! It doesn't matter to me that I'm the only one who watches most of his movies or is aware of his existence.

Morning Glory definitely looks like a chick flick,  I know. But please indulge me, you know I live for this kind of thing.

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