Katherine Heigl is only 32 yrs old
Bloggers suffer from writer's block (or, blogger's block) too, but sometimes it's just TOO easy. I didn't want to do another snarky post after this, but how could I resist posting this picture of Katherine Heigl? ... leopard tunic, leopard skirt, leopard tote?! Really?! Does she have a stylist or did she come up with this outfit all by herself? I can't even talk about her hair...it's a tragedy.

Andrea Martin as Edith Prickey, on Second City

Do you remember when leopard was funny, and limited to the 'old lady' section? These days, you'll find the print everywhere. There are leopard scarves, sweaters, dresses, footwear, bags, luggage, cushions, rugs, mugs, plates... I'm sure somewhere in the universe there's a leopard print toaster. ugh.

I'm as guilty as anyone, but I hope I have the sense to limit the print to small doses, say not more than 50% of my body. So how do you know when you've got enough? I gathered the leopard items from my closet and around the house, and came up with this.

Clockwise from top right: Forever 21 trench (Sept 2007), Scarf (Tuesday), Nightie and robe (Aug 2010),
Apron (2008), Towel (2005), Shoes (Aug 2010), Miraclesuit from here (Aug 2010), 
Robin Kay cushion (at least 8 yrs old), and bra (2006?)

THIS is when you know you've got enough leopard. Granted, I've had some of these items for YEARS. The RK cushion was from our old house so I'm sure it's at least 8 years old. And just when I thought that was all, I remembered this is on my vanity:

Leopard print lampshade from Winners, on Eiffel tower lamp base from Target, purchased 2006.

Yeah, now it's time to stop buying leopard before this happens to me.

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