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Club Monaco's latest collection
Club Monaco's latest collection is classic. So classic in fact, that it turns out I already have many similar items in my closet. Consider the picture above, and what I dug up in my closet:
JCrew cashmere coat, $129, purchased online, Jan 09
H&M white silk dot blouse + scarf, $25, Feb 07
Gap Always Skinny black jeans, $35, April 10
Marc by Marc Jacobs purse, $400, purchased from Bloomingdale's Orlando March 10 spring break
Club Monaco gold driving gloves, $30, Nov 09
Franco Sarto leopard mary janes, $60, Winners August 10

Not exactly the same but just as good or better, IMO. Best still, I didn't have to spend a penny because instead of going to the mall, I shopped at home.

Being the compulsive shopper that I am, I couldn't stop. I found other former wardrobe faves that I'd almost forgotten, but now look forward to wearing this fall. Many brought back fond memories of where and when I bought them. (Note: I took these pictures in my ensuite bathroom, and added the 'Keep Calm' poster for fun.) You'll notice I used the same skinny black jeans to style, but any old slim black pants will do. And with most fall outfits, it all starts with the jacket.

Michael Kors leather jacket, $150, purchased on a shopping trip to Buffalo w Claire and Maria, Dec 08
Gap white blouse, $30, purchased Sept 08
Gap Always Skinny black jeans, $35, April 2010
Barneys motorcyle bag, $200, purchased from Barneys outlet near Honolulu after NCL Hawaii cruise, Aug 06
Coach animal print kitten heels, $150, purchased San Diego Nordstrom Rack, Aug 07

Comptoir des Cottoniers short sleeve twill coat, 50 euros, purchased Paris 6th arr, Jul 08 (best trip ever, sigh*)
Anne Klein lion brooch, 1980s
H&M striped tee, $9, Feb 10
Scarf, gift from Chris&Jade  
Gap Always Skinny black jeans, $35, April 2010
'Balenciaga' black giant part time, Pacific Mall, Oct 2009
Black pointy stilettos, $90, R2W, Nov 05

Banana Republic little black dress, $20!, purchased fr San Diego BR outlet, Aug 07
'Chanel' necklace, Pacific Mall, Apr 10
Banana Republic red croc satchel, $85, Dec 06
Black pointy stilettos, $90, R2W, Nov 05

I received a lot of compliments when I recently wore this little black dress that I purchased long ago. Good for my wallet, and great for the ego too. I love the 'Mad Men' silhouette of this dress, even though I bought this before I ever heard of Jon Hamm.

I had a great shopping trip this afternoon. I especially love that I've had many of these items for years. I realized I don't need to purchase any other basics this season, possibly just add few inexpensive accessories.

Lesson learned: before buying anything, shop your closet!

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