coveting…mark & graham

My mom instilled in me a love of monograms, specifically my first initial M, before monograms were trendy.

In the 1960s when ladies wore makeup and dressed everyday as if they were going to a cocktail party, my glamorous mother seemed to wear her signature 'M' ring and pin daily. (She also had a full head of thick hair, but suffered through the tropical heat of the Philippines wearing a 'sassy' wig so she could look like Eva Gabor...but that's another story.) As daughters do, I claimed that ring and pin as soon as I could, before my sister (whose first initial is most definitely not M, but that wouldn't stop her) could. Since then I've been collecting all things big and small that are marked with M.

I gasped when I discovered the ultimate online boutique for the monogram obsessed, Mark and Graham. The site is blissfully full of so many beautiful personalized goodies, and if their Canadian prices and shipping fees were a little bit more affordable, I'd buy everything they sell.

Here at Desire to Acquire headquarters (aka just my scattered brain), where my love of monograms and handbags has been documented for eternity, I am forever looking for the ultimate combination of leather bags and monograms.

This beauty, Mark and Graham's Elisabetta  -- with its soft Italian leather, metal feet, pockets for my iPhone,  the perfect size for little old me -- is the latest object of my desire.
Isn't it lovely?


i'm back!

I've been encouraged to resurrect the blog. And frankly, I've missed it so much.

Stay tuned for a new improved 'desire to acquire'.