thank you vanity fair!

Finally, after featuring the guy from Twilight and worse, Justin Bieber (!) on recent covers, Vanity Fair profiles a worthwhile subject. Read the article, an excerpt from Dorian Gray Rob Lowe's upcoming autobiography, here.


to put a smile on your face

Did you see Kirstie and Maks on Dancing with the Stars last night? Delightful!

Enough about Kirstie's weight and age (60?!). Her personality and charm make her a true ageless beauty.

And Maks isn't too bad either.


wednesday watch: american idol

I'm not a big fan of American Idol. The last finale I watched--the season of Chris Daughtry, Katharine McPhee and my fave contestant ever, Elliott Yamin--was at least 5 years ago. (Elliott got me with his rendition of 'Moody's Mood'.)

But this season, I've been glued to the tube even during the usually terrible audition shows. All because of JLo. I'm obsessed with her hair, her makeup, her all around fabulousness. Tonight the freshly lowlighted hair and bright red lips are to die for. (I'll post pictures later.)

And the singing isn't bad either. Of course, I'm rooting for the 15 year old Filipina, Thia.


friday flap: f* bomb?... puhleez!

The best part of the debacle that was last Sunday's Oscar telecast turned out to be Melissa Leo's f* bomb, referring to Kate Winslet making it look "so f*ing easy". Yes, it's shocking to hear a curse word on live television. But, was anyone actually offended? For many of us, the f* word has been part of our vernacular for years. We use the word so freely, even around the office, as a verb, adjective, adverb, gerund, you name it. Its shock value was lost decades ago.

Anyway, this post is not about cursing. It's about Kate. I was a longtime subscriber to Glamour magazine, but finally cut them off when 'stars' like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton appeared on their covers. Finally, the powers-that-be at Glamour have come to their senses and may regain some respectability and advertising revenue.

Hallelujah, Kate Winslet, an actual star of a movie we've all watched, a truly talented and respected actress with the Oscar to prove it, it appears on this month's cover. And she looks, well, glamourous. Read the interview here.

I can't wait to see Kate as Mildred Pierce. It promises to be the ultimate made-for-tv chick flick. How will it compare to the Joan Crawford classic? Will today's tv audiences 'get it'? And because it's on HBO, will they say 'f*k'?

So, back to the word. This is Kate's response to Melissa Leo:

Is it wrong that I find this shit stuff endearing instead of offensive?