friday flap: f* bomb?... puhleez!

The best part of the debacle that was last Sunday's Oscar telecast turned out to be Melissa Leo's f* bomb, referring to Kate Winslet making it look "so f*ing easy". Yes, it's shocking to hear a curse word on live television. But, was anyone actually offended? For many of us, the f* word has been part of our vernacular for years. We use the word so freely, even around the office, as a verb, adjective, adverb, gerund, you name it. Its shock value was lost decades ago.

Anyway, this post is not about cursing. It's about Kate. I was a longtime subscriber to Glamour magazine, but finally cut them off when 'stars' like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton appeared on their covers. Finally, the powers-that-be at Glamour have come to their senses and may regain some respectability and advertising revenue.

Hallelujah, Kate Winslet, an actual star of a movie we've all watched, a truly talented and respected actress with the Oscar to prove it, it appears on this month's cover. And she looks, well, glamourous. Read the interview here.

I can't wait to see Kate as Mildred Pierce. It promises to be the ultimate made-for-tv chick flick. How will it compare to the Joan Crawford classic? Will today's tv audiences 'get it'? And because it's on HBO, will they say 'f*k'?

So, back to the word. This is Kate's response to Melissa Leo:

Is it wrong that I find this shit stuff endearing instead of offensive?

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