...i miss you

It's been a long time since I've dieted, exercised, or been to the Bikram studio. Still depressed, or lethargic, or just too darn busy trying to make everything else perfect that I'm neglecting my body. I've been reading Bikram TT blogs, and when I saw this picture of JHS doing standing separate leg stretching here, my body started to ache and I felt such longing....not enough to get my arse of my slipper chair beside the fireplace, but longing,.. I miss Bikram yoga so much.

Maybe tomorrow... I'm deep in a report for work that's hours overdue. That's my excuse.

What's wrong with this picture? I'm not in it! Teacher trainees at Moonlight Beach, Encinitas, San Diego practicing dialog and triangle pose, via piece of cheesecake.

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