...saturday silver screen: Salt On Our Skin


Salt On Our Skin, a 1992 film starring Greta Scacchi and Vincent D'Onofrio, is probably my favorite romantic drama. It's the story of a sophisticated 17 year old Parisian girl (Greta) who meets a handsome but simple fisherman (Vincent) while visiting Scotland.  Or course, they fall in love (lust, really) despite the differences in their lifestyles. He asks her to marry him but she refuses. They live separate lives, but reunite and continue their passionate affair with sporadic trysts over the years.

Greta is at her sexiest (there's brief nudity if you're looking for that); Vincent at his most intense (that's saying something). In real life, Greta and Vincent began an affair that produced a daughter,  named after Greta's character, George. Don't you love useless trivia?

The ending is ultimately uplifting, but it is a great movie to watch alone if you need a good cry. And cry you will.

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