...finale (Mad Men spoilers)


Thank you Emmy winner Matthew Weiner and company for this latest, brilliant season of Mad Men. Obviously you read my post when the opener aired, and granted my wishes for the season.

'Don't you want to come home and see a steak on the table?'
I predicted over Thanksgiving that Don would be with Megan by season's end. But by 'with Megan', I meant, on a date with Megan, I did NOT expect that they would be engaged. Don and the kids couldn't believe Megan's non-reaction when Bobby spilled the milkshake (unlike Betty's for certain freak out, and mine for that matter). Is Megan so the anti-Betty that Don decided right there that she should be the next Mrs Draper? It would seem so, because before I could blink, they were back in Don's apartment and he was proposing!  I was so shocked by Don's impulsiveness that I was sure the scene was a dream and Bobby Ewing would step out of the shower. But it seems Don had in fact admitted to himself that he wants to come home to a steak on the table, a sweet adoring young wife, and happy French-speaking kids.

'Yes, they're bigger.'
So Joan is STILL pregnant, and she's gonna pass the baby off as Dr Rapist's. I enjoyed seeing Joan relaxed, casually dressed, chatty and happy in her kitchen. But I'm afraid Joan's 'deployed to Vietnam' Greg won't come back  And if he does, she's got some 'splainin' to do. I hope they show us Roger's reaction to Joan's news, even in flashbacks.

'Whatever could be on your mind?'
The best scene of the episode for me was Peggy and Joan finally engaging in a bitchfest about the day's events.That's what I miss most about my office -- my girlfriends --and knowing that no matter how crappy things are going down, you can gossip, bitch, and cry on each other's shoulders, and at the end you're giggling  about it all. Can't we all relate to this exchange:

Peggy: “You know, I just saved this company. I signed the first new business since Lucky Strike left. But it's not as important as getting married. Again.”
 Joan:  "Well I was just made Director of Agency Operations. A title, no money of course."

Ha!...that's exactly how my friends and I would talk over coffee (not cigarettes) while laughing hysterically at our misfortunes. Loved it!
More thoughts:
  • 'Who's Dick?' ...Don came close to admitting his identity to the kids.
  • The Roger suicide watch is off after all.
  • So is the Sally suicide watch. Gosh, children are resilient. What did Sally get Creepy Glen?
  • 'Are you kidding me?', cried Dr. Faye. Hey, I knew you were a goner when you didn't know what to do with Sally a couple of eps ago, and when this began with you having to pack your bags. You don't have to be a doctor-on-tv...
  • Is this the same Bobby from last season? Or are we on Bobby #3?
  • Don and Betty would have great DNA. Shouldn't their spawn be cuter, especially 2 year old baby Gene?
  • 'Carla is my life, my actual life.' Good for you, Ken Cosgrove. That's why you're not in too many episodes. And why the future of Mad Men may be Sterling Draper Campbell, but never Sterling Draper Campbell Cosgrove. 
  • Jon Hamm was more dashing than ever in this episode, especially when he walks into the milkshake scene wearing a black polo shirt, tweed jacket and khakis. No I did not pause the PVR to examine his, er, outfit.
  • Betty remains childish, unhappy, and next year probably divorced. I knew when she was powdering her nose in the kitchen that she was expecting Don's arrival. I could do with even less of her next season.
  • 'Who's going to take care of the kids?' I would have loved to see Carla give Betty the smackdown she deserves. I know they're not real people, but didn't Gene stay with Carla over Thanksgiving and Christmas? How could Betty be so cruel?
  • They mentioned Megan's teeth!
And so this year's obsession ends....To be honest, although I was excited about some new shows early on, I've stopped watching them all. There is no appointment television left for me this year. But don't feel bad, now I'll be free to live my life... cooking, practicing yoga, probably studying and working, and I'll finally have a chance to read those books!

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