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The weekend is finally here! Many suburban couples spend weekends planning and executing home improvement projects like painting and gardening together. R and I are not that couple. I can count on one hand the number of times we've been at a Home Depot together. Most of our weekends are spent, as they say, chilling, and usually separately. It works for us. But this is not a post about marriage.

So while hardworking, industrious suburbanites visit Home Depot and toil in their gardens, I will be working up a sweat here

Desperately flushing out toxins and praying I'm burning enough fat from my arms so I can carry off a strapless dress in 3 weeks.

But mostly I'll be on a chair, with a cup of coffee or tea, finishing this entertaining page turner (highly recommended by Ninang).
And then like millions of (or more likely, hundreds of thousands) fans, I will end the weekend with the season 4 premiere of Mad Men. I hope it's better than last season. Honestly the only episode of season 3 that I watched in its entirety was the season finale, and now really I won't have to see the rest. If you've never seen the show, here's a 5 minute refresher.

I enjoy Mad Men, but mostly I enjoy Don Draper in a suit, cigarette in one hand, drink in another, and that manly man voice. I hope there's more Peggy and Pete, Joan and Roger, and much less Betty.

And then, when the new week begins, I'll wish that I'd spent the weekend with R, selecting mosaic tiles for the backsplash, buying paint and new floors for Precious' room, or planting flowers in the garden...

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