Wouldn't you love to spend the morning sipping your coffee at this Paris terrace? A day of museum hopping, window shopping, French people watching ahead of you? ah, bliss... Reality check! I'm nowhere near Paris right now, but... I can still have a great morning. In a perfect world, my morning ritual means:
  • rising early, but not too early (7:30 at latest)
  • workout - 8am Bikram class
  • light breakfast on the porch -- hot coffee, yogurt w strawberries
  • inspirational morning-themed music playing in the background - "Morning Dance", "Oh What a Beautiful Morning", "Sunday Morning"
  • new magazines, the weekend paper to browse through
  • writing ...
... and that's exactly what I did this morning. So I left out the parts where I cleared the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen, prepped tonight's app and tomorrow's lunch, but hey... Life is good.

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