"Some people don't like to work out in the hot life-threatening heat, but you know who does like to do that? Hardcore people. And they get the attention. Cause hardcore is hot. You know? Yea."
I read this quote today on gawker. (Yes, Gawker, not exactly Walt Whitman. Maybe it was just overheard in a bar.) Yet, it was as if the stars aligned to remind me that today is a special day. Today, July 29, 2010 is my 1 year anniversary. Exactly a year ago today I walked into my first Bikram yoga class.

Like you'll never forget the day you met your true love, I remember tht first class like it was yesterday... I had to get out of the house that day but had nowhere else to go. I'd been curious about the studio I'd passed a million times, so it seemed like a good time to try. The room was hot -- like a toaster oven and you're a pop tart -- hot! The room was full, but not too full that I couldn't fully see my reflection in the mirror. The lights went on... yikes! Is that *gulp* fluorescent? So the class began... And when I finished final savasana, it was as if I'd sweat out a whole other person -- the chunky, toxic, lethargic, blemished, crack-heeled bitch -- and all that was left was the cheerful, energetic, optimistic, smooth, ageless bitch.

So I returned and kept coming back. Now the studio is my second home. I'm not there as much as I'd like to be-- family, housekeeping, work, and yes, blogging, do get it the way. But whenever I return, there's always a spot in the front row, just waiting for me to lay my mat, and start sweating it out.

I guess I'm hardcore. Namaste.

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